Wednesday, 4 March 2015

The Princess and the Pea - Review

This months book from Parragon is The Princess and the Pea. We reviewed another book in this series when Paige was around Parkers age. One of the tabs that pull out actually broke off. The others were fine but I will be keeping this one away from Parker.

The slide and see fairy tales are gorgeous little books. This one is full of colour and Paige just loves it. We normally read stories a little longer than this one to her but it's nice for during the day when she can pull the tabs out rather than getting her excited just before bed.

I love the little pull out tabs as much as Paige and now she is older they are just perfect. I also love that these books are smallish so can easily come in the car with us or round to grandparents houses to stop her getting bored.

Overall great little books and at £4.99 each the perfect price for a little gift.

Nicola Xx


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