Monday, 2 March 2015

Witty Doodle Review

Witty Doodle was founded by two young mothers. They wanted to inspire their young babies with art that was playful, creative, fun and stimulating. After lots of research they found that babies and toddlers aren't interested in calming pastel colours. So Witty Doodle was born to give stimulating nursery art for children.

We were very kindly asked if we wanted to review an item for Parker. I had a quick look at the website which is super easy to navigate through. I fell in love with the canvas prints and picked the octopus.

When the canvas arrived I couldn't wait to see the print. To my disappointment the print was actually marked. After a quick email they very kindly sent out another which arrived in perfect condition. They also sent a pre paid label so I didn't have to pay to return the damaged canvas.

The canvas is 40x40cm and comes ready to hang on the wall but as you can see from the pictures Parker's is on his little storage unit. I had all intention of hanging it up but to be honest I really love it on the unit. It adds a much needed pop of colour in an area that is, lets be honest, quite boring.

The canvas itself is well made and mounted on 3cm deep wooden frame. It feels high quality. The print is well printed and the colours are very vibrant and provide a lovely constant to each other. I particularly love the different patterns on the tentacles but I have noticed there are only 7. I always thought an octopus had 8 tentacles!

"LITTLE PICASSO Nursery Canvases have been specially designed in cooperation with a Leading Child Psychologist, Dr Amanda Gummer to help parents create a truly inspiring & stimulating environment for their little ones. The use of bright colours, geometric shapes and repetitive patterns make them highly attractive and stimulating for newborns and babies."

The little fish is a cute addition and the bubbles add a little extra something. Each aspect of the canvas is designed to be attractive to babies and stimulate vision and brain development. Parker does love looking at the canvas and so does Paige. I like looking at it too. Its a happy little picture and a great addition to the nursery.

I'm not sure how I would feel about having it in there once Parker is Paige's age. She can count so I 'd hate for her to count the legs and think that an octopus has 7 tentacles because this one has. I'd feel like it was teaching her the wrong thing. I asked Witty Doodle about the octopus having 7 tentacles and this is how the illustrator imagined the character so they decided to leave it that way as he is a made up character.

Nicola Xx

*Disclaimer - We were sent this item for the purpose of the review but all views and opinions are my own*


  1. Great review, I agree with the tentacles though. Nice canvas for a nursery perhaps but when the child is older it would be teaching them wrong xx

  2. I love the canvas, it's so funky! I have to agree with the tentacles though, strange!

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