Tuesday, 14 April 2015

How To Be An Allergenius #aocleans

Apart from Britmums I've never attended a blogger event. I've been invited to quite a few but some don't quite fit with me and my family or my blog. Others have fitted but something has always come up. 

When AO.com got in touch about there how to be an allergenius event I was hoping that this would be the first one I actually went to and it was. 
So last Wednesday me and paige headed off to the event. It was held in Halifax. After signing in and paige getting a t shirt we got to have breakfast and relax a little bit while others arrived. Shortly after the lovely Lisa from Hollybobbs arrived. The last time I saw Lisa was almost 2 years ago at Britmums. Blogging is great for meeting new friends and I have a few that I would call my best friends but with everyone spread all over the country it's hard to actually meet people in person but when you speak to them regularly on social media sometimes it isn't really a necessity. 

After everyone arrived we had a little introduction and then the crafts started. It was so lovely of AO to have some activities set up for the children. The first was making spring flowers. Paige loves any sort of craft so this was a big hit. Safe to say she was better than me.

Next up was a hunt for dust bugs. There was a little living room set up and the children had to look for the bugs. A game that all the children loved and one that was repeated several times. Obviously a spot of hovering was also included.

The parents had a lovely chat with Hotpoint about all the different appliances that they have to help with allergies including the lovely hoover that Paige was using and these rather fancy washer and dryer. They are available at AO.com if you want a closer look.

Next up was food at Eureka and then play time! The food was super yummy and included buns (win)! We've never visited Eureka before so it was lovely to have a look around and see what Paige thought.
She really loved it. The sandpit outside was a big hit but she also loved inside. It was super busy as it was half term so I'd quite like to visit when it was a little quieter. There was so much to do I don't think we even saw half the things available.

All in all it was a lovely day out. You can view a video of the day here. AO.com are also offering my reader a £20 discount off any large Hotpoint appliance purchased from April 20th until May 3rd. Just enter the code HOTPOINT20.
Thank you AO.com and Hotpoint!
Nicola Xx


  1. Paige is so cute and it looks like you had a great time! x

  2. Looks like Paige had such a fab and fun-filled day. I still can't get over how long her hair has got, it makes her look so grown up. xxx
    Love From Mummy - UK Parenting Lifestyle Blog

  3. It's really tough to make kids engage in a game or something other so that they won't disturb you in your works. Taking them to amusement parks is a good idea to let them enjoy the day. Your baby is too sweet. Thanks for uploading the pics. You may try Video games or other computer games and they will also enjoy it. Video Games Rental, Boston.


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