Thursday, 30 April 2015

Me and Mine - April

Yet another month has passed so quickly. I'll be honest, April wasn't so great what with sickness but I am looking forward to May and June, even though it means that my babies will be turning 3 and 1!

We also have our first little family holiday just after Paige's birthday so I am very much looking forward to that.

As time flies by each month I realise just how far we've come as a family. How much we all change and develop together. How much our love for each other grows.

I am so very lucky to call these people family. I would do anything for them. Me and Mine reminds me of that and I truly cherish these pictures each and every month.
Nicola Xx


  1. Oh you have the cutest little family ever Nicola. I love these captures. I didn't realize our kids are the exact age a part. Mine is 2 and 4 this june I can't believe it. I wonder where have our babies gone??? Lovely #meandmine

  2. Such lovely photos! You have the sweetest little family. I hope you have a lovely time on holiday and enjoy celebrating your littles' birthdays in the coming months :) xx

  3. Lovely photos Nicola - you are gorgeous! Sorry you have been dealing with some sickness, but I hope you have a great first family holiday xx

  4. Lovely photos. A beautiful family.

    Rebecca x x

  5. Oh your family is so lovely - and these are gorgeous photos, so very happy and loving :)

  6. lovely captures! they both have such cheeky faces! x

  7. Your are all very cute! Lovely smiley photos


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