Friday, 17 April 2015

Minene Extra Large Hooded Towel Review

Babies and toddlers get dirty, a lot! Everything is a possible chance for them to get dirty. Eating breakfast, a walk in the park and even colouring. This leads to a lot of used baby wipes or a bath.

Some children hate bath time and that can be so hard. Paige went through a stage of hating it but for 99.9% of her life has loved bath time. Parker is such a water baby at heart and would stay in the bath all day if we let him.

I always think that its lovely for children to have their own special towel at bath times or when they visit a pool. When they are tiny babies there are loads of options but as they outgrow them I've always struggled to find other towels that are cute but the perfect size. House of Fraiser have a wide range of Kids and Baby Towels. We were recently sent the Minene extra large hooded towel to review. I choose the yellow cat design as I thought it was cute and unisex.

The first thing I noticed about the towel was the cute bag it came in. Very useful for storage but it can be a pain to fold back up but goes back into the bag quite easily. The next thing I noticed was the size. It is huge. Obviously not as big as an adult towel but great for babies and children. Parker hasn't used the baby towels for months and Paige always trips over the adult sized towels so this one is perfect. It works for both of them so well with extra growing room too. Paige in particular loves it. When we has it on she doesn't stop meowing, so cute.

I love the design. There are a few to choose from if the cat isn't your favourite but I think its super cute. The ears are the winner for me.

The quality of the towel is lovely. It is soft enough but still a decent towel at getting them dry. I love the hood as it helps dry Paiges hair. She also loves to sit in her towel after her bath so it keeps her snuggly and warm.

The towel also washes well and doesn't take forever to dry which is perfect for swimming or beach type holidays.

The two apron style straps allow the towel to be attached around the parent making it easier to wrap around the child after bath time. I use them to tie around Paige to keep the towel on but they couldn't be pulled tight to be dangerous. I found them ok for me to use but I just find it easier not using them as that's what I'm used to doing.

 The towel is a little more expensive than other towels at RRP of £28 on sale now at £22 but the quality is there and it will last a long time.

Does your child enjoy bath time?

Nicola Xx
*Disclaimer - We were sent this towel for the purpose of this review but all views and opinions are my own*


  1. That towel is such a great size! I've never seen a hooded towel so large. It looks great quality too - I may have to invest! x

  2. She looks so cute in this Nic. LOVE the look of this towel, great that it's so big and has a hood as well! xxx


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