Monday, 6 April 2015

My 26th Birthday

About 5 days before my birthday Paige got sick so although I hoped she would be better she sadly wasn't. Mark had planned a surprise trip out but as Paige wasn't well we couldn't go, it is saved for another day.

I had a lovely morning of opening cards and presents. Paige said ''happy birthday mummy'' which was the cutest thing. We decided to take the day quite slow as Paige was ill and to be hones I just like spending time together with my family. Parker went for his nap and then me, Mark and Paige just played for a little bit while slowly getting ready for the day.

Parker woke and we decided we would try a little trip out to the shop as me, Paige and Parker had been stuck inside basically all week since Paige wasn't well. We ended up at the range and I got a few crafty/planner things that I had wanted. We headed home and called into Subway for lunch. Paige fell asleep in the car so went straight to bed when we arrived home.

I played around with my goodies and we just hung out. Then came the cake.  I love cake. I would eat it everyday if I could.

The day ended with the kids going to bed late and me and Mark snuggling and watching tv.

I am such a home body, I love being at home with everyone around me that this really was the perfect day. I do really wish that Paige was feeling better but as long as she is ok my surprise can wait.

Nicola Xx 


  1. Aww! Sounds like a lovely day! I hope Paige is feeling a bit better now x

  2. Aww Happy belated Birthday Nicola. Sorry to hear that Paige has been unwell, I hope that she's feeling better soon, bless her. And I hope you have a lovely surprise day out when she is better. I'm a home body too, myself :) xx

  3. Sorry that your trip was cancelled but it sounds like a lovely Birthday anyway! Happy Birthday lovely x

  4. Sorry that your day out was cancelled lovely but it sounds like a perfect birthday all the same- those kind of days are my favourite. x

  5. Those cards from Paige and Parker are just the cutest. So sad you guys missed out on your trip but sounds like you had a lovely day anyway xxx
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