Wednesday, 8 April 2015

My Spring/Summer Wish List

Spring is in full swing and summer isn't far away. I have ice cream, sand and lazy summer days within my sight.

As a mother and parent we tend to always throw our money, time and effort into our children. Lets face it, we wouldn't have it any other way but sometimes it's important to take some you time. To do something to make you happy. Sometimes it's essential to buy yourself something and sometimes it's needed to give yourself a little pick me up. With me, that would be the case. I have zero summer clothes. I think I could probably find a strappy top if I looked hard enough but apart from that, zero. So I am going to have to spend some money on clothes for myself for once.

This year I am making a point to spoil myself, even if its something small. So I've created a little spring/summer wish list to keep myself on track and give Mark a few ideas if he feels the need to spoil me.

First up is a few simple, cute summer dresses (here) that I can throw on with my converse. Strappy sandals really aren't my sort of thing and aren't very practical when chasing around a soon to be 3 and 1 year old. I need comfy shoes and an outfit I can throw on but keep cool in.

Next up is a Fluro pink Filofax. Yes I am obsessed. I now own three planners, all totally needed I promise. But how perfect would this one be for summer?! It has to be my next Filofax purchase!

Lastly is some pink nail paint from Barry M. I love Barry M and they always have some lovely shade but the spring/summer colours are my favourite and I always tend to go for pink during the summer.

What is top of your spring/summer wish list?

Nicola Xx


  1. Haha i should have know there'd be a planner involved! lol! LOVE the colour of that nail varnish though! xxx

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