Tuesday, 21 April 2015


In less than 4 weeks my first baby will be turning 3. I honestly have no idea where the time has gone. It has flown.

Before Paige was born I never knew what being a mother would be like. I'd never held a newborn. I'd never changed a nappy. I'd always wanted to be a mum but I had no idea if I would be any good. I spent the first 4 months of the pregnancy being very sick and losing weight. The next 5 months went smoothly and we welcomed our baby girl one evening in the birthing pool. That is the moment that our lives changed forever.

And now my little baby will be turning 3 in a matter of weeks. I still have no idea if i'm any good but I try my best. We have made it three years together. Not all times were easy especially when you throw in a siblings but I wouldn't of changed anything.

Paige's first and second birthdays don't seem long ago. We didn't do much for either and we won't for her third. I like to save the big party's for when she is a little older. For her first we held a small party in our old house and had a lovely meal out. It wasn't fancy but it was special, just for our little baby girl who was celebrating her first birthday. For her second we had another little party for a few close friends. We put on a little buffet and had toys outside as the weather was lovely. I even made a cake and got little party bags for the children.

They played outside in the sun and we ate lots of food. I was pregnant at the time but that didn't stop the fun. I remember looking at Paige and wondering what kind of big sister she would be. Wondering how she would be at nursery and wondering about the little girl that she would turn into.

Now as she approaches three I wonder how her and Parker's bond will develop. I wonder how she will be starting her new nursery in September.

I can't wait to watch her grow up even more. It is so bitter sweet but I will sit back and watch her blossom and grow into even more of a little girl with a smile.

How do you feel when your child comes up to another birthday?

Nicola Xx


  1. I cannot believe she will soon be three- I honestly remember when you were pregnant! That's crazy! x

  2. Makes me feel all emotionally reading this because we spoke long before you guys were TTC. It really has flown.


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