Thursday, 23 April 2015

Scottish Friendly Letter Fall

Before I started blogging I used Twitter to enter competitions. There's nothing better than entering a free competition and actually winning something. I won quite a few!

Scottish Friendly have created a competition that you can play to try and win a £25 My Rewards Card. The game is called Letter Fall.

The aim of the game and how to win is to get the highest score. The player with the highest score at noon on the last working day of each calendar month will win the prize. You need to make sure to properly fill out your details after your game so that Scottish Friendly can get in touch if you win.

So how do you play?

You play the game by capturing falling letter tiles from the screen and creating words to gain points. To create a word you simply click on the falling letters that you need. Once you use a letter they disappear. If you don't use a letter they pile up. The game ends when the letters pile up to the top of the screen. The score you gain for each word depends on how many, and which letters you use. To submit the word you click on the tile that you highlighted to create the word with.

Of course it's a game so it isn't that straight forward but that's the main idea. Some tiles have special features, some need to be used twice before they disappear, some have timers which earn you bonus points. The speed the letters fall and quantity increases as you progress. You really do need to be quick thinking.

Letter Fall is one of those games that you just can't stop playing. You feel the need to try and beat your score over and over again, especially as there is a prize up for grabs.

I will admit that  am rubbish at word games but even I enjoyed playing. Mark is going to love beating me, even though it won't take much. One my first go I only scored 107!! My second was slightly better at 530.

I'm sure you could do better. Let me know if you beat me.

You can play the game here Scottish Friendly Letter Fall.

Nicola Xx

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