Friday, 3 April 2015

Top 10 New Mum Tips

Having a baby is a big change. If it's your first, second or sixth. It's still a big change. You always have to adapt and are constantly learning.

I feel that when I first became a mum I handled it quite well. It's something that I always wanted to do and I've loved every second. In no way am I perfect but I don't think that anyone is.

I wanted to put my top tips together that I'd tell a friend if she was due a baby in the hopes it may help one of you.

1) Rest when you can. If you have one baby that may mean napping when they do. Even if you can't sleep just try lay down and rest. Close your eyes for a few minutes and relax. If you have multiple children this is harder to do but try grab 5 minutes.

2) Don't be scared to ask for help. No one expects you to be super woman. To be up all night with a new baby, have every meal made like clockwork, look after extra children and keep the house tidy. It's ok to ask for help when you need it. Get your visitors to make you a cuppa or take older children to the park so you can grab some sleep. Sometimes its best to get professional help if you are really struggling. Seeing a doctor or getting a psychiatric consultation is sometimes what is needed and you shouldn't feel ashamed about it. Your health is just as important as your baby.

3) Trust yourself. You know your baby and your body the best. If you don't think something is right then question it.

4) Keep visitors to a level you feel comfortable with. Some people prefer to have a house full of visitors and that's fine but you and baby need to rest too. It's also ok to ask people to not visit for a few days while you bond as a family. With both Paige and Parker we kept visitors to a minimum for the first couple of days.

5) The dishes can always wait. Instead of worrying about the housework piling up sit down and cuddle your baby. Dishes can wait and so can the hovering. Better yet ask someone else to do them. People will do anything for baby cuddles, hehe.

6) Feeling emotional is normal but don't be afraid to talk to someone if you feel partially down. Postnatal depression can very scary. If you feel really down talk to someone or your doctor. Don't be scared. If doesn't make you any less of a mum.

7) Take lots of pictures. Babies grow so fast. Take loads of pictures of them and you together. Even you think that you look a mess or super tired just take the pictures. No one has to look at them but you.

8) Remember that things will settle down in a couple of weeks. New babies tend to throw your world upside down. Embrace it, it doesn't last forever. The first two weeks of both Paige and Parker lives hold some of my best memories.

9) Make some time for yourself and partner. I'm not saying jump into bed the moment you come home from the hospital but just spend some time together. Eating a meal together, watching a tv programme or just chatting can do a world of good.

10) Don't worry about your post partum body. Give yourself time to heal. If you don't snap right back after birth that's ok. Not everyone does. I certainly didn't. Your body needs time to heal and recover. It takes 9 months to grow a baby so it can take 9-12months to lose the baby weight. Your amazing body grew your special baby, embrace it.

I could ramble on forever but I won't.

What would be your top tip for a new mum?

Nicola Xx


  1. Great tips. It's such a busy and constant time immediately after you have a baby with so many things to think about x

    1. Thank you. It really is and emotions are normally very high too x

  2. Great post! I put far to much pressure on myself to get back to normal life straight away! Next time I will definitely take it easy and enjoy the time together x

    1. Thank you. Sometimes people do, it's a big adjustment x

  3. Great tips Nicola! I definitely was more relaxed this time and enjoyed the first few weeks/months a lot more xx

  4. Excellent tips sweetie, i was definitely calmer and more relaxed the second time around! xxx


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