Monday, 11 May 2015

Fish Face

On Thursday Parker has his first ever swimming lesson, thanks to Konfidence! If you didn't know, we got picked to be baby swimologists a couple of months ago.
We also got sent some products to try out and review. We will be using the BabyWarma, Roll and Go changing mat, Poncho towel, neoNappy and AquaNappy on Thursday. We also got sent the cute 3 pack of Blinkies. 
Paige and Parker have both always loved bath time. We have never had a problem when they didn't want to have a bath. They were both born in the water and are so happy there. The Blinkies can be used to help your baby enjoy bath time more, encourage splashing and help them with swimming lessons. They are cute, colourful characters and flash in the water. Paige and Parker love the blinkies. You can see that Parker also liked trying to eat the fish! They are a lovely bath time toy.

I can't wait for Parkers first lesson on Thursday. We never took Paige to swimming lessons and I really regret it. I think swimming is such an important skill to learn but it's always one of those things that gets pushed back. To say I'm not nervous for Thursday would be a lie. I'm not nervous of how Parker will react as I honestly think (hope) he will be fine. He loves bath time so surely that has to be a good start. I'm a little nervous of being in a swimsuit, silly I know. I'm nervous of getting us both dried and dressed after. I'm nervous of using the reusable nappies, we've only ever used disposable nappies before.

I guess I'm just nervous of something different.

I am so excited for me and Parker to do something that is just for us though. With him being the second child we don't have much time together so I am looking forward to some quality time with my boy doing something fun.

I'm preparing for tears, just incase. I've tried my swimsuit on, Mark said it looks fine. Thanks dude! And our bag is packed.

Wish us luck!

Have you used reusable swim nappies? Did you like them?

Nicola XX


  1. Enjoy swimming together! I cant wait to sign my little boy up to swimming lessons when he's a bit older - I'm not a very confident swimmer so I think its really important for him to have proper lessons xx

    1. I think it's really important skill to have. I hope he likes it x


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