Friday, 8 May 2015

Life Through My Planner - Take a peek inside

I thought if you are starting out with a new planner or just like being nosey I would show you a little peek into my planner, the different sections I have and how I plan.

My personal planner is a personal sized Original Filofax in Fluro Pink. I say my personal planner because I also have three other planners which I use on a daily basis. More about them later.

My personal planner is the one that goes everywhere with me. It has everything in. I also have a little tassel on the outside that I made myself. It you're interested in having one made get in touch!
When you first open my planner you see my dashboard and pockets. A dashboard is the first thing you see when opening a planner. It can be something pretty to look at and protect the pages underneath. Some people have a fly leaf at the front which is basically a sheet of plastic that you can stick sticky notes and page flags to. In my pockets I keep things pretty simple, a few paper clips, some stickers I like and a nice project life card. The arrow paper clip is from Kate Spade. My pen is a Pilot Frixion pen.

My dashboard is from SwciStationery on Etsy. I have a pretty project life card on the front. On the back I keep some sticky notes and page flags. I then have a This is your life printable from Strange and Charmed. Next up I have a little picture that Paige drew. I then have a few other free pintables from Strange and Charmed.


Then I have 5 different dividers, I have them unlabelled as I think it looks better but I know lots of people who like to have labels, again that's up to you. I made the dividers myself from scrapbook paper.


My first divider is my lists section. This is pretty self explanatory. I am such a list person, I make lists all the time. This section houses them. I have wish lists, Etsy lists, goals, project ideas, quotes and packing lists for our upcoming trip away.
My second divider is a brain dump. I cut this paper down to size to fit. Its from the Target dollar spot but B&M also have some lovely ones.. Whenever I feel the need (normally before bed) I can write everything whats in my head and just get it out. Whether its something I need to do, remember or ideas. I then sort through the notes at a slightly later date and put them where they need to go. For example if I remember I need to buy a birthday card for something I can write it in my brain dump then the next day I can look at my brain dump see the reminder and write it on a specific day ready as part of my to do list.

My third divider has my calendar. First up are my monthly pages. My monthly calendar gives me an overview on things happening in this month. I write doctors appointments, birthdays, date nights, holidays, marks days off,  nursery information, play dates and that sort of stuff. That way I can quickly see what we all have going on in one month.


That is followed by my weekly pages. I have a right now bookmark which takes me to my current week. On my current week I can further elaborate on evens from my monthly calendar. This is where the majority of my daily to dos are kept. I keep a list of items that I am waiting for. I tend to decorate every sunday for the following week, I don't decorate weeks in advance. My decoration is pretty simple, washi tape, stickers and maybe a quote on a sticky note. Mark also made me a very simple task list for each month where I can track specific tasks over a monthly period. I simply colour in the box when I have done something. My monthly and weekly inserts are from my Websters Pages colour crush planner.



My fourth divider is my health and fitness section. I have my goals and a weight/fitness tracker.


My last divider is contacts and extra paper. I keep information on my penpal addresses and anyone else's information I might need. I use the Filofax contacts inserts. This section also has extra notepaper.


At the back of my planner I have a little pocket with heart sticky notes and some masking tape sets. I also have a fly leaf to protect the pages from falling down and getting bent. In the back pocket I have a few stickers sheets I like. The original Filofaxes have a space in the back for a list pad. On a list pad I keep a running shopping list of things we need.


So that is quite a detailed look at my planner. Any questions, let me know! To see more pictures of my weekly and monthly spreads don't forget to follow me on Instagram and have a look at my Etsy.

Nicola Xx


  1. You have a very pretty planner and very neat writing! I hardly ever actually write, with a pen, anymore! x

  2. I really love this post- I used to be quite into scrapbooking and also my planner before I had Mads, but then blogging took up all my time haha! I love yours, it's gorgeous, it's made me want to get another one. x

  3. Oh I do love a good planner! I'm awful for buying planners & diaries and never actually using them though. I start off with such great intentions then start putting things in my phone & slowly hey disappear further it not he bottom of my bag. But I actually bought a new diary the other day and this time I will definitely be keeping it up. Definitely. Maybe...



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