Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Sleepy Circus Grobag Review

As a parent we worry about many things. One of those things is sleep. We worry that our children aren't getting enough, we worry where they sleep and what they wear to sleep. Depending on the temperature of the room babies should wear different things. When we moved on from swaddling the first thing we got was a baby sleeping bag. The baby is safely inside, the bag can't come above there head  like a blanket could and they can't wiggle from underneath it.

The Grobag is a great choice if you are looking for a baby sleeping bag. We were recently sent the Sleepy Circus Grobag in 6-18m 1.0 tog for Parker to try out.

First of all the Grobag is gorgeous. It is so bright and colourful and I love the circus theme. There is a cute monkey swinging, and elephant and a lion. The elephants ear flaps and there is also a flag on top of the circus tent which adds some lovely detail. Parker loves looking at the cute little animals. I love the cute stripe design. Its lovely to add some colour rather than just having a plain sleeping bag like our old one.

The 1 tog baby sleeping bag isn't super thick but it does have a nice cosy feel. It is ideal for rooms with a temperature above 21c which Parkers is in spring/summer, so it is perfect this time of year. There a many different togs to suit all year round and different room temperatures.

The Grobag also has some really nice and practical features. It has a zip for easy access. The end of the zip is protected by an extra bit of material so that baby can't access it or be hurt. It is machine washable, a must for any baby/toddler sleep item. It can also be tumble dried on a low heat which is very convenient. There are two poppers on each shoulder. They make getting the sleeping bag off very easy. The sleeping bag has lots of room and will last a year and a half if you buy it at 6 months which is great value for money.
This Grobag retails at £32.99 which I think it a great price for the quality and how long this size will last. 
Does your child us a Grobag?
Nicola Xx


  1. That gro bag is so cute as is Parker , he is getting so big ! I love gro bags and use them with my two little ones xx

  2. I love grobags and have used them with both my little two since they were a few weeks old. I love the design off this one.


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