Thursday, 28 May 2015

Stealthy Ways to Inexpensively Revamp your Living Room and Bedroom*

 The sunshine streaming in through your windows as the year moves on is a blessing, but this natural blast of light can also show up some major living-room flaws. If your furniture or wall-décor looks as if they could do with a little brightening up, then it may be time to implement some relatively inexpensive fixes.
Revamping doesn't mean spending a lot of money, but instead, try looking at effective ways to enhance what you already have.

Our currently very boring living room is in desperate need for a revamp!
One major change
A feature wall is a simple but effective way to transform a room, and as you’re only focussing on one wall the investment needed is minimal. If you’re living room is one colour throughout then it’s easy to choose one wall to redecorate; it’s best to choose a wall without any doors or windows. Select a complimentary shade, or contrast with your existing walls by going bold and bright. Patterned wall-paper is a great way to contrast against painted walls but also consider reflective coverings that will open up a compact room.
Make some small changes
When the seasons change it’s also time to make some changes in the home. Quick, easy and effective changes can include packing away those blackout drapes, and hanging some brighter curtains in lighter materials such as linen and muslin. Laying down a new, bright rug on hardwood floors will help when creating a new look; if you want to go one better you can always consider staining laminate floorings, which will cover any marks and compliment your new wall décor. Switch the frames on your favourite wall art pieces, or move them to a different wall and highlight them with spotlights.
Furniture fixes
You don’t have to go completely all out and buy a new suite of furniture to brighten up your room, but you can consider investing in some new coverings. Made to measure, in a pattern of your choosing is an option or you can go for some loose coverings that will fit over your existing furniture. There’s always the option to de-clutter and get rid of some unwanted pieces, or if there is room you can add, for instance, a sectional or corner sofa to your existing sofa  you can find some great options at Tesco. Another inexpensive option would be to simply have your sofa professionally cleaned, and you’ll be surprised at the difference this can make when it comes to deodorizing, eliminating stains and bringing upholstery back to life.
Remember that small additions such as fresh flowers in vases, candles, as well as experimenting with lighting options are integral components when changing the look of a room. An assessment of your living room will no doubt reveal that many of these quick fixes can be easily undertaken, and will help to transform the most important room in your home.
Revamping Ideas for the bedroom

Here's another short section I felt it was about time I added. What about decorating and renovating your bedroom? Again, small additions such as candles, pictures, stylish cushions and a few additional furniture items could make a world of a difference.

From a women's perspective, a lingerie chest can be great for keeping clothing and underwear items out of sight and add a sense of elegance to a room. My favourite remains the mirrored lingerie dresser which not only is super stylish but can make an area feel even bigger than it is. I like the selection Wedgwood Interiors offers when it comes to lingerie chests:

Their 12 Of the best DIY lingerie chest makeover projects post also serves as inspiration if you decide to tackle a furniture fix or second-hand spruce up project instead of buying new.

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