Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Toddler Hair #2

If you missed my first toddler hair post then check it out here for more ideas. Today I have a few more ideas and some new favourites on how I am styling Paige's hair.
The milkmaid braids. These are so so cute. I would totally wear them in my hair if it was long enough. Paige's is just longest enough to reach over her head. All you need is two small elastics and some pins, I used four. Simple divide the hair into two. Do simple braids on each side, pulling slightly towards the front, secure with a small elastic and then pin them up on top of the head. Hide the little tails underneath the opposite braid. I pulled two small pieces of hair out to frame Paige's face but you don't have to.

Next up was a request from Paige. Minnie Mouse hair she said. I tried! This one still needs some practise and her hair isn't quite longest to wrap around but I made it work. All you need is a hair tie and some pins. Pull the hair into a high pony tail but don't quite pull the hair all the way through. It needs to be in a loop with the tail on top of the head.. Then divide the loop into two and wrap the tail down the divide so it goes back on itself. Then hide the ends and pin down the side of the bow to the top of the head. You can do it centre or off to the side like I did. There are some really great tutorials on YouTube which show you step by step.

Last up is a simply curl. Paige's hair is super straight and for a special occasion I would curl her hair. I did this using GHD's and heat protectant. I wouldn't do this everyday or even every month but one every while for a special event. You can also get the same effect by using rags or socks and wrap the hair around them. The child then sleeps in the rags and in the morning you unwrap the hair to reveal lovely heat free curls. Also works nicely in adult hair too.

Which is your favourite? Mine is the milkmaid braids.

Nicola Xx


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