Wednesday, 10 June 2015

5 Steps To Planning The Perfect Summer Holiday*

As the summer holidays approach, there’s never been a better time to start planning a family get-away. Looking for holidays is always exciting, but these days, with cheap flights to places all over the world, it can be tricky to know where to choose, let alone what to take with you. Don’t worry, follow these five simple steps to plan a summer holiday like a pro.
Choose Your Destination 
The fun part of planning, undoubtedly, is deciding where to go. There are lots of factors to consider, including how far you (and your kids) are willing to travel as well as what you can afford. Mediterranean destinations such as Spain, Portugal or Greece all have plenty of family-friendly resorts and activities such as theme parks as well as beautiful beaches. If the islands of Crete or Cyprus sound appealing, then you can pick up Heraklion or Paphos flights from the UK for very reasonable prices, depending on when you book. If you are looking to go a bit further afield, you might find that flights are more expensive but once you’re there, lower costs of living mean you won’t be spending too much more. Exotic destinations growing in popularity include Goa in India and Phuket in Thailand, which both have stunning paradise beaches. The world really is your oyster!
Set Your Dates
You may have to time your break with work and school holidays, but if you can be flexible, even over a few days, you may well find that there are deals to be had. And while booking in advance is usually a good way to save money, last minute deals, particularly on the internet are also well worth exploring. Keep checking regularly to see if prices are going up or down, or use a travel comparison website to find the best possible deals.
Consider Doing It Yourself
Package deals can seem very tempting, particularly if you don’t know the area at all. But if you’re a fairly confident traveller, then it can make sense to book flights, accommodation and care hire or transfers separately. If you’re going down this route, make sure you read plenty of reviews and if in doubt, check with the local tourist board.
Make A Packing List
Travelling with little ones often feels like you need to pack everything you own. A thoughtful list will help you to prioritise what you need to bring. The essentials are always: swimwear, sun cream, sunglasses, sun hat, enough clothes and a good book. If you are travelling with babies, don’t forget milk/ baby food, nappies and wipes. Remember, there will be shops there!
Invest In A Wallet
Finally, this might sound trivial, but a travel wallet is great for keeping all of your important documents and money together in one place. As you pop them in, make sure passports are still valid, all flight details are correct and any money you have changed is the right currency. It may just save you a lot of stress and panic later down the line.
All that’s left now is to start planning your itinerary for when you get there. Make sure you factor in at least one day of doing absolutely nothing but lounging by the pool with a cocktail in hand. And… relax. 
Images by Traveloscopy used under Creative Commonslicense.


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