Thursday, 4 June 2015

Bedroom/Office Make Over

I use the term bedroom/office makeover very lightly, mainly because I'm no interior expert at all. I very rarely post about our home because I don't think I'm very good at decorating.
We've lived in this house for over a year now, I can still hardly believe it. So much has changed. The house looks very different since then and there is also an extra person living her now, Parker. There are still parts that need work, mainly the downstairs carpets... hello 80's flower carpet. That isn't a good look at all but right now there are more important things for us to concentrate on. Other rooms are still very much a work in progress. too The kitchen and the upstairs is probably my favourite. Our bedroom is fast becoming a favourite after our recent office/bedroom makeover.
I love my new office/desk area. I wanted to create something very girly and a space just for me. I love all items of stationery and planners and recently opened up an Etsy shop, so I wanted somewhere that I could do/display all of those things. It was only recently finished so I'm sure things will change overtime, in fact I've already switched out the picture in my frame. I love it all the same though.
I have my planner on display, a cute picture frame, a pen holder that is meant to be used for candles and some handy storage boxes, which are still empty at the moment but don't tell anyone. The cute little vase and flower just add a little girly touch along with the bag. I also had to have my N mug to claim the space as mine! The desk area perfectly finishes off that side of the room and I couldn't be more in love.
The next part of the room to tackle is the bed area. We've wanted a new bed for months now and we are slowly saving up but the reason it's taking so long is because we just can't decide what we want. At the moment we have a black wood double bed but with the addition of the desk I think we'd prefer to move onto a white bed so it all matches a little better. The next thing to consider is the actual comfort of the bed. With two children a deeper sleep is sometimes hard to come by so we want to try give us the best possible chance of getting that. For us it's all down to the different mattresses that are available, falling asleep quickly and staying asleep. Of course children will have their bad nights and that can't be helped but when they sleep perfectly we need to as well. Mark has a bad back so support for him is very important, if he doesn't sleep well he can really struggle with his back in the morning. I can't wait to start testing out different mattresses and finding the perfect one for us.  am leaning towards memory foam but we will see.
We are lucky that we have a huge built in wardrobe so we don't have to worry about that matching in as well but we will need new bedside tables too. Our current ones are pine and are that awful that I've purposely left them out of the picture. I am thinking about just painting them to bring them a little more up to date.

A slow but steady makeover of our bedroom/office area. What is your bedroom like?

Nicola Xx


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