Thursday, 11 June 2015

Life Through My Planner - Why I Use Multiple Planners

If I told you that I had 3 separate planners which I use on a daily basis you may think I am slightly bonkers. That is probably true but I do have my reasons.

I use one for my personal things, one for my blog/etsy shop and one for our home. My personal planner is my Fluro pink Filofax. Take a look inside here. Inside I have a monthly and weekly calendar where I write all appointments and to dos.  also have a fitness section to keep track of my health and fitness. I also have a goals and wish list section.

My blog/etsy shop planner is currently my nude original Filofax. I am hoping to do a look inside blog post soon but I am yet to get it set up perfectly. Inside I have a monthly calendar where I plan and schedule blog posts. I have a section that keeps track of review items, when I received them etc. y next section keeps track of social media followers and blog stats. I update them ever 2 months to see how I'm doing. Then I have my Etsy section. This has lists of stock to buy, things I've already ordered and when to expect them, items that I want to make and stock and any ideas that I may have.

The home planner is mostly a storage area. It has lists of jobs that need doing every day/week/month to keep me on track with the housework. It also has some of our favourite recipes, our favourite meals and meals we want to try. I often refer to this when doing the meal plan each month. I also keep important documents inside so that I know where something is incase we need it. If we are planning a trip away I use this planner to write out lists of things we need to take. My memory is awful so this helps me a lot when it comes to packing.

I also own two other planners. Think of these as handbags. I use them to chop and change with my others when my tastes change. I simply switch out the inserts and I have a new cover.

I find that having multiple planners with specific uses keeps me more organised.

Do you use multiple planners at a time?

Nicola Xx

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  1. Wow you are so organised! I have one planner but half of the time I forget to write stuff down. Becoming more organised is a massive goal of mine! xx


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