Saturday, 27 June 2015

Mummy and Me - June

Yet another month has passed. This month saw Parker turning one. I still find it hard to believe that he is one year old. It feels like yesterday that he was a tiny newborn.

This month has provided lots of fun and laughter. We've had cake, played outside a lot, had some lovely day trips out and even a little holiday.

I really do love being a mum. It's something that I always wanted as I grew up and I am so lucky that I have two gorgeous babies.

This month I've found myself thinking about getting a full time job. I've found myself longing for something extra. I don't know if it's because Parker is that little bit older but I feel like I'm not needed as much. I feel like I could be doing so much more. I think of myself as being very lucky by being a stay at home mum but people don't always realise that it can be hard. I am really lucky that both Paige and Parker are really easy going and really easy children. It's more a battle with myself, keeping my brain functioning and keeping myself busy.

Until I figure it out I'm going to soak up every second with my babies because I have no idea what the future holds.

This month I have three different pictures! I love each one for a different reason. They are all from our recent holiday. The first I am holding Parker on his first ride with Paige riding along too. The second is from Parker's first birthday. He wanted nothing to do with his cake and I even had to bribe him with a bit of cake while we sang happy birthday, so Paige blew his candle out and loved it. The last is on a giant bouncy pillow. Paige asked Parker to come on with me and her so he did :)

Nicola Xx
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  1. You've had a busy month. Can't believe Parker is 1!! Crazy

  2. Looks like June has been a wonderful month for you all! I think you're brave thinking about returning to work full time. I hope things work out for you all whatever you decide xx

  3. These photos are lovely. Hope Parker had a wonderful 1st birthday! xxx

  4. Aw I hope he had a lovely birthday!!

  5. Lovely photos of you with your littles. I hope you manage to find something you can get your head stuck in to, be it a full time job or not :) xx

  6. I still can't believe Parker is 1, that year went so quickly! Gorgeous pictures, such a beautiful little family :) xx

  7. Such lovely photos! Paige looks gorgeous in the birthday cake shot! xx

  8. I hope Parker enjoyed his birthday. Gorgeous happy photos :) xx

  9. Such lovely photos :) Hope Parker had a lovely 1st Birthday I cant believe he is 1! xx


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