Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Paiges 3rd Birthday

I have just realised that I am yet to write about Paige's 3rd birthday. It was two weeks ago now. Her birthday was on the Sunday and to be honest we didn't do much. It was the day before we went to Bluestone for a week so we just wanted a quiet day but we also wanted to make it special for Paige and I think we managed that.
In the morning Paige opened presents and played. She loved opening everything and Parker enjoyed the wrapping paper and boxes. Next she wanted to paint her new dinosaur money box. Paige loves dinosaur's and loves money boxes so this little gift seemed perfect.


After playing and panting we had family visit and then we all got dressed and headed out. Paige was a very lucky girl and had some birthday money to spend so we thought Toys r Us would be the perfect place to take her. She quickly found the Peppa Pig section and all her money was spent.
We then took the birthday girl to McDonalds for lunch as she always asks to go. She had a little birthday badge on and loved her little treat. She also got balloons and colouring sheets and pencils.
We then came home and had cake and played outside as the weather was lovely. I normally make Paige's birthday cakes but this year she started asking for a Peppa Pig one months before her birthday as we got her one. I didn't fancy having a go myself.


We had some amazing decorations from helloparty.com which I fully personalised for Paige. They are so cute and I wish I'd taken more pictures of them as the one below is the only one I can find.

We all had a lovely day celebrating Paige's 3rd birthday. I still can't believe that my little baby girl is now 3 years old. She seems so grown up.

Nicola Xx


  1. She's always so smiley and gorgeous Nic! It looks like she had a lovely day. I can't believe she is three! x

  2. She's so beautiful Nic!! Glad she had such a lovely day. xx

  3. Aah it sounds like she had a lovely birthday! These are lovely pictures! xx


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