Monday, 29 June 2015

Pink Lining Notting Hill Tote and My Essential Changing Bag Items

Changing bags are an essential item for a lot of mums. They are practical, useful and hold pretty much everything we could ever need. Pink Lining have a hug range of gorgeous changing bags, there really is something to suit all tastes. There are some gorgeous prints and patterns, one of my favourites is the Cottage Garden print. This print is perfect for summer and I just knew that I needed a bag with the print on.
I already have an old style Pink Lining bag and love it so much. I first got it when Paige was a toddler and it still looks as good as new now through lots of wear. This time I choose the Notting Hill Tote and I am in love.
The bag itself is the perfect size for a changing bag. It has plenty of pockets and compartments for nappies and creams and even includes two bottle bags in case you are a bottle feeding mummy. There is a lovely padded changing mat and a wet zip bag. There's a key fob to put your keys so you're never stuck outside with a screaming baby/toddler while franticly searching through your bag to find your keys. It also includes a mirror, phone pocket and very handy stroller straps so you can easily attach the bag to the pram or stroller. A very useful feature that keeps your bag within easy reach.
The print is my favourite part. It is gorgeous, bright and so summery but isn't too over powering or in your face. Its just perfect. With flowers, butterflies and dragonflies this bag will look great wherever you choose to carry it. I've taken it to the supermarket, on days out and to the beach.
In the early days of having children I used to struggle with what to pack. Now I feel like I just carry essentials and I'm pretty good at getting my changing bag packed quickly with everything we need. My essentials consist of my planner, my purse, nappies, wipes, sun cream, a bottle, snacks and crayons.
I like to keep my on the go planner in my changing bag as it has all our appointments and important dates in. It also has shopping lists of things I need to pick up so I don't forget anything.
My purse is always kept inside so I don't lose it. I also love how well it matches the bag.
Snacks and crayons are to keep the children busy if I need to occupy them for a few minutes. Nappies, wipes and a bottle are all very essential items along with sun cream in this gorgeous weather we are currently having.

What can't you leave the house without?
Nicola Xx
This is my entry for the Pink Lining Ambassador Search. 

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  1. Great post Nicola. Gorgeous bag! We have the mini messenger of this print and love it! I may have to buy the Tote soon! xx


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