Wednesday, 1 July 2015

12 Months Old

My little boy is officially one year old. The past year has flown by at a ridiculous speed but we have loved every second, even the many sleepless nights. He isn't sleeping through consistently but will sleep through on the odd few nights, if we are lucky. If he does wake it's normally 1/2am. He will have milk and then go right back to sleep. I should probably cut out that milk and refuse to feed him but I always think that a baby knows when they don't need it anymore and so will sleep through in their own time and I know he can sleep through because he does sometimes.

At 12 months old Parker is becoming such a toddler. He defiantly doesn't look like a baby anymore. His hair has grown so much over the past couple of months. He has 8 teeth with molars due very soon, he is teething and dribbling up a storm.

He is wearing mostly 12-18 month clothes still. He is much smaller than Paige was at the same age and is 2-3lb less than her at around 25lbs. He is in size 4 nappies. I've no idea on feet size as he isn't wearing shoes yet but that will soon change because he is doing so well with his walking. He can now take 8 steps unaided. Its really funny because everyone that speeds time with him is always amazed as to why he isn't fully walking. His balance is amazing, he cruises so fast he almost runs. He has all the ability but he just didn't want to walk. About a week or two ago he started favouring walking over crawling. Now he spends 60% of his time walking and the other 40% crawling. He has taken steps outside too. He still refuses to perform, if he doesn't want to walk he won't. I really don't think it will be long before he is walking full time.

He is talking so much. He can say mama, dada, kiss and ta. He babbles to himself all the time and even uses hand gestures, it's so cute. He tries to say Paige so badly. He shouts and shouts until she looks at him and then he will shut up.

He's still pretty good at eating. He will try everything but his favourites are carrots, apple and pizza. He also drinks water and still loves his milk. He isn't fully on cows milk but hopefully will be by his next update. He can drink out of sippy cup and straws fine too. He also tries so hard to feed himself with a fork.

He loves to colour and will scribble in his colouring book. He loves being chased and playing with his tunnel. He loves to be outside. He still loves teddies.  

I still can't wrap my head around the fact that he is one. Someone took my little baby away.

Nicola Xx


  1. He's doing so well bless him.

  2. Aww that's such a cute picture :) I completely understand it now, when parents say how quickly time flies, my daughter is almost 13 weeks and it feels like only yesterday I gave birth. I know that I'll be writing a post about her first birthday in no time and that scares me, but also excites me a lot!

    Helen x

  3. He looks so like Paige in that photograph, you can definitely tell they are brother and sister. It's just scary how fast that first year flies by, I think even more so with the second one. x

  4. Aww he is such a handsome little man! He sounds as if he's doing really well, bless him trying to say Paige! Xx

  5. Aw Happy Birthday to your little man! I can't believe he is one! I hope you all had a great day. x


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