Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Baby Eczema Help With Cetraben*

If you have followed my blog for a while then may know that when Paige was a baby she suffered with really bad eczema. It took us many doctors trips and many different creams/skin routines to get it under control. She is now 3 and her skin is much better but still quite sensitive. She has the odd breakout on her elbows but they are really quite rare and if she does have an problem area we quickly know which creams will work and help soothe her skin.

During that time I spent hours researching different things on the internet that may help her. We changed washing powders, stopped using other products and applied creams every couple of hours. It was a tough time and a tough thing to handle seeing your child in discomfort.

The lovely people at Cetraben have put together a series of videos which help parents understand how to look after eczema in children. Dr Pixie McKenna offers advice and answers some frequently asked questions.

I know how frustrating eczema can be and these videos would of helped me greatly when Paige was suffering. I hope they help you.

Nicola Xx

*In collaboration with Cetraben*


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