Monday, 20 July 2015

Potty Training Story

In May turned three. In May Paige was still wearing nappies. In June Paige was still wearing nappies. Now she isn't! 

We've finally had a break through and it's true what they say. If you wait until your child is ready then potty training is easy. 

Me and My Big Girl
Paige was ready. We knew she was. She would tell us after each time she had a wet nappy. She saw children the same age wearing big girl pants and wanted to be the same. She could pull her pants up and down by herself. 

Day 1: 
Paige had 3 accidents in a row. It was like she just didn't understand when she was needing the toilet. I thought we'd be in for the long haul but there was no going back. After her 3 accidents she managed two successful wees in the potty. 

1 accident and 2 successful wees in the potty. We also had a poo success in the potty. 

Nursery day. She had one accident and one success. 
At home she had 2 more successes. 

Day 4 and every day since: 
All in the potty. 

When she has the first three accidents I questioned whether she was ready. I questioned if I was ready! It was hard but it helped that she was getting it. In that first day I just longed for one success and we got it. Eventually. Those accidents actually helped her realise when she needed to go. Each time she knew a little sooner until she understood the feeling of needing to go before she actually went. 

Now she tells us she needs to go and goes. She has even stay dry through nap times and bed time. She still worn a nappy for bed the first week just in case but has been dry. After a week of dry nights she asked to wear her underwear so we let her. She now doesn't wear nappies at all. She goes on the potty before bed and then when she has woken up. 

We are so proud of her. She was potty trained so quickly. I really do think it is down to the fact that we left it until she was ready. We tried a few months ago and she just wasn't ready then. She'd have an accident and be so upset, it was awful. This time when she had an accident she wasn't upset at all. She knew that next time she needed to try get it in the potty. She did get upset with the first accident at nursery but we think that was because of all the other children.

She is still scared of the big toilet but we can work on that. She is using the potty fine and I am very happy with that. We've got her a little stool and a toilet seat so that in the coming weeks we can transition her to the big toilet but there's no rush. 

We didn't use bribes, just good old fashioned praise. She is still so proud when she goes and we are too. And danced, clapped and sang our little hearts out. 

Was your child scared to use the big toilet?

Nicola Xx


  1. Oh wow! Well done Paige! What a star!
    My eldest struggled with the big toilet only because it was in the middle of room on the wall obviously but there was nothing to hold onto to balance herself. She did manage to get the hang of it eventually though x

  2. Have you tried putting a smaller toddler type seat on it? P1 was scared at first because she was so small. And P2 too but she watched her big sis and soon learnt that way. P1 was 3 when she potty trained and it happened much quicker than it has P2 and she's only 2 and a half and completely dry in the day.

    1. Yes, she still screams and refuses to go near it. Xx

  3. well done Paige, I have been thinking of potty training my two year old , but I am not sure she is ready just yet. I think I might wait until she understands and is 100 % ready and hopefully then she will crack it quickly like Paige did xx

    1. Thank you. It is a lot easier when they are fully ready x


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