Tuesday, 25 August 2015

14 Months Old

 Parker is 14 months old. He has started to look more and more like a toddler this month. I don't think his new hair cut helps! He is such a big boy now and there is no baby left at all.

He now has 11 teeth. When Paige was 14 months old she only had 4. Teeth wise they are very different. Parker is also very, very cheeky. He also now knows when you are telling him off of when he is being naughty, he will cover half his face asif you can't see him. He loves playing peek a boo and covering his face, although sometimes he just covers his ears, haha.

Eating and sleeping hasn't really changed. He is still in 12-18 months clothes.

As for words I think we will have another slow talker on our hands. He says mama, dada, ta and that's about it really. He has said no, hat and kiss but doesn't say them often. He loves kisses and hugs and is still such a loving, cuddling little boy.

This months he has loved wearing hats, or blankets or anything he can put on. He tries so hard to put his socks on and if our slippers are around he will try his best to put them on our feet. He enjoys brushing his or someone elses hair and kicking a ball. He also likes putting toys in baskets or tidying away. He's such great help!

He also loves drawing, although pens/crayons still end up in his mouth a lot. He loves dancing and music in general. He will also babble away to himself and flick through books.

He just seems to get more cheeky everyday. I think he's going to give me the run around when he's bigger. His eyes are still a dark green like Paige's. His are darker than hers at the same age and do have more brown in them. His hair is super light, again similar to Paige's at the same age.

My baby boy is getting so big.

Nicola Xx


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