Monday, 3 August 2015

Date Nights

Date nights are quite an important part of mine and Mark's relationship. It doesn't matter if we go out or stay in but we love nothing more than spending some quality time together. Its starting to become quite a tradition on a Saturday night.

It isn't always that easy to go out to eat at a fancy restaurant or going to watch a film at the cinema. It means that we have to find a baby sitter and sometimes that isn't easy to do. We try to go out and actually do something together once every couple of months depending on other peoples schedules. More often than not we just cuddle up on the sofa with popcorn and some retro sweets, you can't beat some fruit salads and flying sauces.

Its nice to go out every now and again but it's also nice to stay home with our babies asleep upstairs and just appreciate what we have and each other. Life passes all too quickly sometimes and we forget that its the little things that matter. Making time for each other and putting down phones, tablets and laptops once a week can really do wonders. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in the internet (says she who writes a blog) and before we know it's 11pm and time for bed.
We are planning a lovely meal out at the end of this month but until then our sofa dates will have to do.
Do you and your partner have regular date nights?
Nicola Xx


  1. Me and my partner don't get much date nights. I think the last one we had was a couple of months ago, but we had thins goin on between us so it wasn't really a date night, it was a night of sorting things out {luckily we are 1000% ok now}. but a proper date night we last had must of been last October when we went to chester for the night to do xmas shopping! We are going Liverpool at the end of the month tho! cant wait xx

    1. Awww Chestr sounds lovely. Im glad you guys worked it out. It can be hard sometimes. I hope you had a nice time in Liverpool xx

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