Sunday, 30 August 2015

Mummy and Me - August

Another month has passed so it's time again for Mummy and Me. Very stupidly of me I totally forgot about the linky this month. It just wasn't on my mind. To be honest I've had a pretty rubbish couple of weeks and then the couple of weeks before that my blog my down so it completely slipped my mind.

My pictures this month aren't the best but mummy and me isn't about having the best pictures, it's about capturing the memories they represent. Our pictures this month represent us exploring a new park and having a lovely evening. The weather was amazing and the children were so well behaved. It was so lovely to explore somewhere together as a family. It was lovely a quiet so the children could run around as they pleased without bothering anyone.

I wish the quality of the pictures was better but oh well.

These last two pictures are just selfies I took with Paige and Parker. It's getting harder and harder to get pictures with them both. Paige will pose to a certain degree but with Parker there is no chance. He wants to be off not taking pictures with mummy, hence the very grumpy face.


And lets face it I only added in the selfies are the other pictures are so bad quality, haha. Next month will be better, I hope!

Nicola Xx

Nicola... Life Through My Eyes


  1. Lovely photos :) love the second photo, so natural xx

  2. I love how natural these are, you can just see how happy you all are. Love a good selfie too :) xx

  3. These photos really capture what must have been a lovely family outing. The second one is my favourite :) xx

  4. Lovely photos and I like that they are just normal photos and not the best versions as it just shows the happiness and the moment! xx

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