Monday, 24 August 2015

My Travel Essentials

Very soon we are off to my mums house for a little weekend away. We always love going up to visit her as she lives in such a pretty little village. I am hoping that we have a little bit of sunshine as the previous times it's always rained! 

I thought I'd do a little post of my essentials when traveling and staying away from home. Before I start packing I always write lists of what we all need, depending how long we go for will obviously depend how much we need to take but I tend to start with the basics. Clothes and toiletries  for everyone are always a good place to start.
I tend to pack clothing that are comfortable and really easy to throw together. Simple jeans and a t shirt are always my go to wardrobe staples. I love ones from Espirt.
 As for toiletries my favourite has to be make up wipes. A great thing to take when travelling to freshen up on the journey or to take your make up off at the end of the day. I also love to pack comfortable shoes. Converse have to be my favourite. Comfortable but also cute. I love mine and Paige's matching pink ones. I also love to have a big changing bag wit me. Its really convenient to throw everything into one bag and to have the multiple pockets are changing bags come with. My current favourite is my Penguin Love Yummy Mummy bag from Pink Lining.
A travel essential for the kids in summer is shades for the back windows, they just help keep the sun out of the car and out of their faces. In the winter an essential is blankets, we love the Snuggle Bundle form Trunki. Both my kids love to be warm and cosy.
My next travel essential is a little boring but a must. It's always important to make sure the car is running smoothly and everything is ok. We also check the tyres and get the air pumped up or replace them if needed. You can use some great online places such as Tyre Shopper and National Autocare to get what you need at great prices. Having a car can get very expensive but it's always better to be safe.
We also take a travel cot for Parker if we need one and a blow up ready to go bed for Paige along with their favourite teddy to make bedtimes a little easier.
My last travel essential is snacks. It always nice to have a few different snacks for the journal. We are all massive snack people. I am currently loving cashews, yummy but still healthy.
I'd love to know yours or your childrens travel essentials.
Nicola Xx


  1. That Pink Lining changing bag is SO cute! Might need to drop hints to my husband that we just *need* a new one ;) I recently wrote a blog post about our travel essentials with a baby.... :)

    Helen x

    1. It is gorgeous. I think you should hehe. I will check it out. Thank you xx


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