Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Siblings - August

My babies are still very much part of the same team. They play, giggle and play with each other every single day. Paige always asks about Parker when he is napping and his face still lights up whenever he sees Paige. 

They love nothing more than chasing each other around and play together. I wish I could get more pictures of them together but they honestly never stay still long enough. Paige will sit/stand and pose but Parker just wants to be off all the time, very understandable when you are almost 14 months and want to run and explore everything.

Paige goes to nursery again in September. She will be there 5 mornings a week and I'm very interested how this will effect their relationship.  am looking forward to one on one time with Parker but we will both miss Paige so much. The afternoons will be our special time as a three.

This months pictures were taken on an evening walk in the park. Parker loves walking around and Paige still loves holding his hand and helping him, even when he sometimes might not want her too.

They had so much fun running after each other and there was lots of giggling. It was so lovely for me and Mark to be bale to stand back and just take them both in and watch their relationship.

Nicola Xx
dear beautiful


  1. Lovely watching them grow and play together isn't it. These photos are just adorable xxx

  2. They look just the cutest walking along together - they're so close already, you can see it instantly from your photos x

  3. It's so lovely once they can walk together isn't it? Gorgeous photos lovely. And glad the blog is back up and working! x

    1. It is so lovely although the pictures get harder and harder to take lol. Thank you, me too! x


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