Wednesday, 26 August 2015

The Heart of our Home

A house can be a home very easily. To me home is wherever my family are. They are the most important part of our home. 
When I was younger we moved around quite a lot. I don't really mind moving, in fact I quite enjoy it, but one day I would  love me and Mark to be able to buy our forever home. I'd love to be able to settle down and for the children to know that they have somewhere that holds loads of memories for them, somewhere we can mark their heights on the door frame. A house where me and Mark can grow old together and have our grandchildren around on a Sunday afternoon. I've always wanted a big family and a family home is part of that. 
Our current home isn't huge or fancy but it doesn't have to be. Our home is ours and we love it. Paige and Parker both love the garden and each have a room of their own. We are in a good area and have good shops and schools around. 

The heart of our home and where we spend most of our time is the kitchen and living room. They are joined together so it's very much an open living space. When looking for home inspiration we honestly wanted something clean and simple.  We don't like lots of fuss or anything too out of the box. We like simple colours and nice light, airy rooms. We don't spend hundreds of pounds on decor or paintings because I'd rather have pictures of the kids artwork up or prints of their hands and feet. I want a lived in house not a show home. I want the children to get all their toys out, make a mess and have fun. I would love to live in a show home but I just don't think I'd be comfortable although they look beautiful.
We love to bake and cook in the kitchen as a family. Buns and bread are a big favourite because everyone can get involved. It's lovely to make something together and then enjoy eating it as a family. 
I love that our living room/kitchen is open plan. This means that I can keep an eye on the children playing while cooking meals and be included in conversation when we have guests over. We really can be in the heart of our home and enjoy what it has to offer.

Where is the heart of your home?

Nicola Xx


  1. Lovely kitchen! I think the heart of our home is the living room xxx

    1. Thank you. Yes, the living room is a close second with us x

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