Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Me and Mine - September

Its almost October! Lets just take a second to realise how quickly this year is flying by. Dare I mention the 'c' word.... Christmas is coming around so quickly and our second wedding anniversary which is super exciting.

September has seen Paige starting preschool and Marks changing hours at work. Both things that effect us all. We've taken both in our stride and we've had an ok month. We are very much getting ready for Christmas and looking forward to it already. We are settling into the school life and getting used to the school runs, which we are so far enjoying. Its still early days!

As for family things we've had a trip to the seaside and a few little adventures to the park, shops and seen family.

This month we've taken about 3 family pictures, doesn't seem a lot  but for us it is. I always leave it until last minute but not this month. Sadly most of the pictures we took are awful and for a chance it's me pulling weird faces that ruined them, haha. So this months picture is a bit rubbish but I love the memories it holds. Its from our trip to the seaside while we were walking along the sand, or at least trying.

Paige was insisting on pushing the pram, Parker was running everywhere and it was so windy we were getting blown all over. But it was such a fun day and the sun was shining. The chips and doughnuts were delicious and we had a great day.
Nicola Xx 

dear beautiful

Sunday, 27 September 2015

Mummy and Me - September

This month I am going for the selfie pictures. Its all about the selfies. Its sometimes so much easier to capture the kids with quick selfies. Posed pictures taken by Mark and my big camera just never work out for us.

We haven't done anything too crazy this month. Paige started preschool so we've all had to get used to the school runs ad getting out the house nice and early. To be honest I like it. I'm a bit of a morning person so I like being up and getting going straight away. This then gives me and Parker a few hours together which is lovely. We both miss Paige like crazy but it's nice to have some mummy and Parker time.

They are both so lovely right now. Paige is constantly learning new words and basically doesn't shut up which is lovely after her talking quite late on. Parker is coming on so much, he is such a little character. The most loving little baby I've ever know and so sweet.

I love this picture of us all. Its super rare to get everyone looking at the camera and smiling so I will treasure this picture of me and my babies.

Nicola Xx

My Sunday Photo - 27/09/2015


Friday, 25 September 2015

Planner Review - Dokibook

If you follow my blog or follow me anywhere on social media you will know that I love planners, I'm a little obsessed ill admit it. There are a variety of different companies that offer planners and it can be so confusing when you first start to decide what to go for. For me ring style binder planners are my favourite. I love being able to take out and add pages. I can add in inserts if I wish and fully customise inside to my needs. When searching for a planner I came across Dokibook. They are a company who make some gorgeous planners and accessories. I already own 2 of there planners but they were kind enough to send me two more for review. The first is a to die for gold A6 planner and the second a mint A5 planner. They also sent me a range of inserts for inside. The planners arrived in great time and well protected. The rings were perfect, as were the planners. They arrived in boxes which I love. These are the only planners i've received to arrive in full boxes. Love the added protection.

On first impressions the planners looked really cute. The rings were perfect and the inserts felt very lovely quality. I set to work about setting them up straight away. I love making my planners pretty and somewhere inviting to keep me interested in using them. I really am so much organised when I use a planner.  

After using the gold planner for a few weeks I started to notice that the gold on the popper was wearing off, I use my planners daily so do expect some wear and tear but this was quite disappointing. The rings are still perfect and the cover is still as gorgeous as ever.
The inserts are really lovely quality and work well within the planner. They are on cream paper and I think I'd prefer then to be on white as that is what I normally use but it didn't take me long to get used to them. They are thick enough that my pens didn't bleed through which was lovely.
There are monthly, weekly and daily pages. All really nicely designed. They have plenty of room to decorate if you wish. They are undated which is great as you can just use them as and when you feel like it and it doesn't feel like you are wasting them. There is also l
The planners also come with dividers but I tend to like making my own to personalise my planners a little more. You also get a today ruler to use as a page marker which is lovely, a top opening envelope, a transparent divider and some stickers.

Overall the planners are lovely. I'm a little sad about the gold popper showing wear after only a couple of weeks but they are good value for money. Just a warning if you do order is to be careful of custom fees. As they come from overseas you can get charged a few weeks after they are delivered.

Nicola Xx

*Disclaimer - I was sent these two planners and a selection of inserts for the purpose of this review but all views and opinions are my own*


Wednesday, 23 September 2015

15 Months Old

There is no ounce of baby left in Parker now. He is all toddler. He runs everywhere, babbles all the time and is super cheeky.

He still doesn't say many words, just like Paige. But that's fine. He understands a lot of what we say so he doesn't need to talk until he is ready. He says around 7/8 words. He will sing tunes of songs, he loves twinkle twinkle. He gives cuddles all the time when you ask. It is probably the cutest thing ever! I just want to cuddle him all day long.

He still loves putting things on his head and blankets. He loves teddies and books, building towers and drawing. He still loves dancing and music. He loves brushing hair, trying to dress himself and washing himself in the bath.

He is quite shy when he meets new people but hasn't had stranger anxiety as worse as Paige did. He does prefer women rather than men.

He still eats really well and has 3/4 drinks of milk. We stopped using the dr brown bottles and now he has a training bottle from Asda, we are trying to wean off a teat but it's such a comfort for him we don't mind that much. Paige still used bottles at 2 year old and she was easy to come off them.
He is so cheeky and such a boy. He is naughtier than Paige was and will push you a little more than she did.

He now has 12 teeth and finally got his last 1 year molar that we were waiting for. Next up canines! His eyes seem to be turning brown and are getting darker but still look more green in real life.

Nicola Xx

Monday, 21 September 2015

A Dream House

I often find myself dreaming and wondering what life would be like if things were different. Don't get me wrong I love my life and family and wouldn't change them for the world but what if I won the lottery. What would I change if money was no option? Let's face it, lack of money can hold you back, and stop you from doing a lot of things.

The first thing that springs to mind (apart from a huge shopping trip and a holiday) would be a house. A family home, a forever home. A house that we owned, renting sucks! A house where we could mark the children's heights on the door frames of their rooms, a house where we could stay until the children leave home and fly the nest. A house that was ours forever.

When I was younger we moved quite a bit, we never stayed in one house for a very long time. I didn't mind but with Paige and Parker id love them to have a forever home. Somewhere they can grow up and even bring their children round for a big family lunch on a Sunday when they are all grew up. I don't have that and sometimes I wish I did.

So what would this dream home look like?

It would have 4, maybe 5 bedrooms. A huge kitchen diner with engineered oak flooring, granite worktops and an island. It would have a laundry room, a play room for the kids and an office/craft room for me. I'd even let mark have a man cave in the attic, haha. A garage and a big garden would finish the house off perfectly.

Me and mark have always said we would love to build our dream house. There's something so amazing about designing and having control in building your own house. You could have rooms and areas specifically designed for your family, everything tailor made to suit. We love watching all the house programmes on tv and getting plenty of ideas.

I'm not sure if we ever will but I think its a lovely dream to have and one day who knows. Until then we are perfectly fine where we are, as a family :)

Have you thought about your dream house?
Nicola Xx

Friday, 18 September 2015

A Third

Maybe I'm crazy but I always think about another baby, a third. Once Paige was born I said minutes later that I wanted another one. We got pregnant with Parker when Paige was 16 months old. Parker is just about to turn 15 months, if we followed the same pattern I'd be pregnant again in just over a month. The decision to have a second was simple, it seemed like it was just meant to be. We didn't have to try very hard to conceive unlike Paige who took us 16 months, spooky!

Once Parker was born it took me a little while longer to want another, 4 days infact! Haha. I just love having a babies, I love seeing them together, I love pregnancy (once the sickness passes). I've always wanted a big family, 4/5/6 children. But life isn't that simple. If we had a third we'd need a bigger car and a bigger house (eventually). A third seems like such a huge jump. I feel like it's pretty normal to have two children. Loads of things are for family of fours. When people ask if we are going to have another and I say maybe they look at me like I'm mad. They mention how we already have one of each, why would we want/need another.

I don't feel like our family is quite complete, will I ever? I love both Paige and Parker so much. If we weren't blessed with another baby I would be more than happy to concentrate on them two and be the best mummy I could be. I'd feel sad knowing that I would of already experienced my last pregnancy and had my last birth experience though.

I didn't know when the right time to have Parker was but it happened perfectly. I don't know if there will ever be a right time for a third but if there is I'll welcome it with open arms.

If Paige got her way she'd have 5 brothers and sister's. She is such a good big sister and Parker would be the best big brother.

So will we have a third?

Lets see what the future holds.

Do you have three children? Was the descion easy? Did you decide against having a third?

Nicola Xx

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Siblings - Septemeber

This month they are still closer than ever, if not even closer. Paige is now back at nursery and Parker misses her so much. As soon as we get back home he gives her the biggest cuddle. She always gets the best cuddles from him and she loves it too. He loves getting to play with all of her toys and have mummy too himself for a couple of hours though but you an clearly see that he misses her.

They still both look at each other in that special sibling way. They instantly make each other happy and give each other comfort. It is so amazing to see.

This months pictures are from a recent trip to the park. Parker finally likes the swings and was giggling his head off. Paige has always loved the swings and is a little daredevil, Parker on the other hand is a lot more careful and cautious. That is one of the big difference with them both.

They both loved it when Paige started to push Parker on the swing. He was always checking to see if she was still there and she just loves making him giggle.


Nicola Xx

dear beautiful

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Back to School Essentials

Back to school season is well under way. I know that the majority of schools are now back from the holidays. I love the summer holidays and having Paige at home but it's so nice to get back into a routine. 
As many of you know Paige isn't in proper school yet but she is at a school nursery. She is attending 5 mornings a week to get her ready for reception next year. For nursery and school there are essential items that you need. For us it was comfy trousers without buttons, velcro shoes and a backpack. For others it's uniforms, shoes, lunch boxes and a backpack. Each school is different and of course each child is different so there needs might be different.
When buying these items it's really easy to go overboard and spend a fortune, there are so many cute items and most children do like to ask for lots of different things. Great British Bingo recently conducted a survey to find out exactly how much parents spend on back to school essentials. Surprisingly to me the majority (51.9%) said they spent between £0-10 and 17.7% said they spent £10-50. Us personally spent between £10-50 on Paige for nursery which for me I'd think was the average. I guess quite a few people reuse items from the previous year or use hand me downs, something we couldn't do this year.

I tried to keep our spending to minimum. I got Paige simple leggings and t shirts from Primark. Her coat is one from last year. We had to get new velcro shoes and they came from Asda, she picked lovely (garish) pink Peppa Pig ones but she loves them. She wanted a Sophia The First backpack too which I found on eBay for only £5.
Back to school season is so exciting and a little bit scary for us as parents and our babies. Learning to let them go just that little bit is sometimes hard to do.
How much did you spend on back to school essentials?
Nicola Xx

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Family Adventures, Sunshine and Chips

After a rough couple of months we decided we needed a little adventure and a super fun weekend. The weekend started off with a friends birthday party which both Paige and Parker loved. A bouncy castle plus birthday cake is always going to be loads of fun. After a fun afternoon we just headed home for tea and to spend some time together.

On Sunday we decided an adventure was on the cards. The weather was meant to be nice so off we headed to Blackpool for the day. We got there around 10:30am and the weather was perfect. Sunny and gorgeous.

Both Paige and Parker love the seaside, to be honest so do me and Mark. We spent the day enjoying the arcades, eating yummy (naughty) food and playing with the sand. 

Paige loves the arcades, she gets so excited every time she wins. We won quite a few tickets so managed to get some little toys and a mug as keepsakes from out day out. We ate chips and doughnuts because they are a must when you go to the seaside. Paige also went on her first ever donkey ride. A lovely donkey called Blossom was chosen and she loved it.

We just had an all round lovely day. It was the kind of day where you look at your children about wonder how you got so lucky. Me and Mark stood and watched as Paige and Parker chased each other across the sand. It was the most amazing moment. 

It just so happened that we last year we went around the same time, maybe it will become a little tradition at the end of summer :)


Nicola Xx

Friday, 4 September 2015

Starting Pre School

In October last year Paige started nursery. She went 15 hours a week over 3 days and loved it. It was lovely for me to spend time together with Parker one on one. We could of kept her there another year until she starts reception next year but it kind of made sense to move her now to the school she will hopefully be going to next year. 
She will still be doing 15 hours but will be doing it over 5 mornings. This helps them get ready for reception next year. So she gets into the routine of going to school Monday-Friday.
Mark took her to the first stay and play session as it was literally a couple of days after my surgery in July. It seems a little strange to have the first and second session so far apart from each other but oh well.  
On Wednesday we also had her teacher come to our house. At first she arrived right on time then drove off. After a phone call to the school she arrived back half an hour late. She then continued to call Parker a girl or Paige's little sister. We filled out some more paperwork and she had a chat and played with Paige. I do think the home visit was nice. A chance for the teacher to meet Paige properly in her own home and spend a bit of time with her where she is most comfortable.
Today we went for her second stay and play session and she loved it so much that she didn't want to leave. I liked being with her as she explored her new room and enjoyed all the different activities. I can't wait to see her grow and develop over the next year. For me one of the best parts of having a child is watching them learn, change and develop. Time passes by so quickly that a part of you never wants them to grow up but watching them is amazing.
I can't believe that she will be going into reception next year. I am so not ready for that, luckily I have a year to get my head around it. I also have a year to get into the school run routine and hopefully make some mummy friends so I'm not at school gate on my own, eeekkk!
How did/does your child like pre school?
Nicola Xx
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