Thursday, 10 September 2015

Back to School Essentials

Back to school season is well under way. I know that the majority of schools are now back from the holidays. I love the summer holidays and having Paige at home but it's so nice to get back into a routine. 
As many of you know Paige isn't in proper school yet but she is at a school nursery. She is attending 5 mornings a week to get her ready for reception next year. For nursery and school there are essential items that you need. For us it was comfy trousers without buttons, velcro shoes and a backpack. For others it's uniforms, shoes, lunch boxes and a backpack. Each school is different and of course each child is different so there needs might be different.
When buying these items it's really easy to go overboard and spend a fortune, there are so many cute items and most children do like to ask for lots of different things. Great British Bingo recently conducted a survey to find out exactly how much parents spend on back to school essentials. Surprisingly to me the majority (51.9%) said they spent between £0-10 and 17.7% said they spent £10-50. Us personally spent between £10-50 on Paige for nursery which for me I'd think was the average. I guess quite a few people reuse items from the previous year or use hand me downs, something we couldn't do this year.

I tried to keep our spending to minimum. I got Paige simple leggings and t shirts from Primark. Her coat is one from last year. We had to get new velcro shoes and they came from Asda, she picked lovely (garish) pink Peppa Pig ones but she loves them. She wanted a Sophia The First backpack too which I found on eBay for only £5.
Back to school season is so exciting and a little bit scary for us as parents and our babies. Learning to let them go just that little bit is sometimes hard to do.
How much did you spend on back to school essentials?
Nicola Xx


  1. Great post! I probably spent quite a bit more than £50 as we had to buy an actual uniform and shoes but at least the uniform can be reused next year. We also found a cheap bag on eBay which helped. She looks so grown up! x

  2. I think we spent £30+ As had to buy my youngest a school uniform but also an uniform dress, skirt, tights and trousers too, along with an uniform jumper and t-shirt. She doenst have lunch at school only 1 day a week so she just uses a bag we bought in the Summer. It can get expensive! But as Kerry said above, at least the uniform can be reused next year :) xxx


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