Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Me and Mine - September

Its almost October! Lets just take a second to realise how quickly this year is flying by. Dare I mention the 'c' word.... Christmas is coming around so quickly and our second wedding anniversary which is super exciting.

September has seen Paige starting preschool and Marks changing hours at work. Both things that effect us all. We've taken both in our stride and we've had an ok month. We are very much getting ready for Christmas and looking forward to it already. We are settling into the school life and getting used to the school runs, which we are so far enjoying. Its still early days!

As for family things we've had a trip to the seaside and a few little adventures to the park, shops and seen family.

This month we've taken about 3 family pictures, doesn't seem a lot  but for us it is. I always leave it until last minute but not this month. Sadly most of the pictures we took are awful and for a chance it's me pulling weird faces that ruined them, haha. So this months picture is a bit rubbish but I love the memories it holds. Its from our trip to the seaside while we were walking along the sand, or at least trying.

Paige was insisting on pushing the pram, Parker was running everywhere and it was so windy we were getting blown all over. But it was such a fun day and the sun was shining. The chips and doughnuts were delicious and we had a great day.
Nicola Xx 

dear beautiful


  1. Haha, love it Nicola.

    Most of our attempts at family photos end up like this too. Oh and I always have my eyes shut so normally is me that ruins them!

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

  2. Ahh love it! Your pics always make me smile, theyre so natural and fun! #meandmine xx

  3. It is definitely all about the memories- that is the most important thing! x

  4. Love it - I think the best photos with most memories are the ones like this :)

  5. I LOVE this photo! Natural, chaotic, wonderful family life :) x

  6. Oh I love it - you can hear the laughter coming through the screen!

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