Sunday, 27 September 2015

Mummy and Me - September

This month I am going for the selfie pictures. Its all about the selfies. Its sometimes so much easier to capture the kids with quick selfies. Posed pictures taken by Mark and my big camera just never work out for us.

We haven't done anything too crazy this month. Paige started preschool so we've all had to get used to the school runs ad getting out the house nice and early. To be honest I like it. I'm a bit of a morning person so I like being up and getting going straight away. This then gives me and Parker a few hours together which is lovely. We both miss Paige like crazy but it's nice to have some mummy and Parker time.

They are both so lovely right now. Paige is constantly learning new words and basically doesn't shut up which is lovely after her talking quite late on. Parker is coming on so much, he is such a little character. The most loving little baby I've ever know and so sweet.

I love this picture of us all. Its super rare to get everyone looking at the camera and smiling so I will treasure this picture of me and my babies.

Nicola Xx


  1. This is such a sweet photo. Sometimes selfies are the most practical way of capturing a moment x

  2. Selfies are one of those great ways to capture the moment. For the first time this month I didn't have any of myself and Amelia to choose from!xx

  3. Nothing wrong with a good selfie! Lovely photo!

  4. As you know we love a selfie here and that one is lovely! Jealous of you getting them both smiling at the camera haha xx


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