Friday, 25 September 2015

Planner Review - Dokibook

If you follow my blog or follow me anywhere on social media you will know that I love planners, I'm a little obsessed ill admit it. There are a variety of different companies that offer planners and it can be so confusing when you first start to decide what to go for. For me ring style binder planners are my favourite. I love being able to take out and add pages. I can add in inserts if I wish and fully customise inside to my needs. When searching for a planner I came across Dokibook. They are a company who make some gorgeous planners and accessories. I already own 2 of there planners but they were kind enough to send me two more for review. The first is a to die for gold A6 planner and the second a mint A5 planner. They also sent me a range of inserts for inside. The planners arrived in great time and well protected. The rings were perfect, as were the planners. They arrived in boxes which I love. These are the only planners i've received to arrive in full boxes. Love the added protection.

On first impressions the planners looked really cute. The rings were perfect and the inserts felt very lovely quality. I set to work about setting them up straight away. I love making my planners pretty and somewhere inviting to keep me interested in using them. I really am so much organised when I use a planner.  

After using the gold planner for a few weeks I started to notice that the gold on the popper was wearing off, I use my planners daily so do expect some wear and tear but this was quite disappointing. The rings are still perfect and the cover is still as gorgeous as ever.
The inserts are really lovely quality and work well within the planner. They are on cream paper and I think I'd prefer then to be on white as that is what I normally use but it didn't take me long to get used to them. They are thick enough that my pens didn't bleed through which was lovely.
There are monthly, weekly and daily pages. All really nicely designed. They have plenty of room to decorate if you wish. They are undated which is great as you can just use them as and when you feel like it and it doesn't feel like you are wasting them. There is also l
The planners also come with dividers but I tend to like making my own to personalise my planners a little more. You also get a today ruler to use as a page marker which is lovely, a top opening envelope, a transparent divider and some stickers.

Overall the planners are lovely. I'm a little sad about the gold popper showing wear after only a couple of weeks but they are good value for money. Just a warning if you do order is to be careful of custom fees. As they come from overseas you can get charged a few weeks after they are delivered.

Nicola Xx

*Disclaimer - I was sent these two planners and a selection of inserts for the purpose of this review but all views and opinions are my own*



  1. Those planners are absolutely gorgeous! Love the blue of the first one. I already know how much you love a planner! x

  2. I love seeing photos of your planners- you always make them look so gorgeous and cute! x

  3. Thank you for your post Nicola. I have just ordered my first doki planner. About the gold on the popper and in the rings: I use crafting clear coat to protect things like that on my cell phone cases, license plate holders and other really works!

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