Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Siblings - Septemeber

This month they are still closer than ever, if not even closer. Paige is now back at nursery and Parker misses her so much. As soon as we get back home he gives her the biggest cuddle. She always gets the best cuddles from him and she loves it too. He loves getting to play with all of her toys and have mummy too himself for a couple of hours though but you an clearly see that he misses her.

They still both look at each other in that special sibling way. They instantly make each other happy and give each other comfort. It is so amazing to see.

This months pictures are from a recent trip to the park. Parker finally likes the swings and was giggling his head off. Paige has always loved the swings and is a little daredevil, Parker on the other hand is a lot more careful and cautious. That is one of the big difference with them both.

They both loved it when Paige started to push Parker on the swing. He was always checking to see if she was still there and she just loves making him giggle.


Nicola Xx

dear beautiful


  1. Their age gap is getting less and less noticable as the months go by. They always look so happy together x

    1. Thank you. It is, although Paige still towers over Parker lol x

  2. Aww such lovely photos of them both together. I agree with Donna it seems like their age gap is getting less and less over the months, Parker is definitely looking much older :) xx

  3. Aww how sweet - I love the looks they're giving each other!

  4. Aw they seem to have such a lovely sibling bond - gorgeous photos! :) xx


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