Friday, 4 September 2015

Starting Pre School

In October last year Paige started nursery. She went 15 hours a week over 3 days and loved it. It was lovely for me to spend time together with Parker one on one. We could of kept her there another year until she starts reception next year but it kind of made sense to move her now to the school she will hopefully be going to next year. 
She will still be doing 15 hours but will be doing it over 5 mornings. This helps them get ready for reception next year. So she gets into the routine of going to school Monday-Friday.
Mark took her to the first stay and play session as it was literally a couple of days after my surgery in July. It seems a little strange to have the first and second session so far apart from each other but oh well.  
On Wednesday we also had her teacher come to our house. At first she arrived right on time then drove off. After a phone call to the school she arrived back half an hour late. She then continued to call Parker a girl or Paige's little sister. We filled out some more paperwork and she had a chat and played with Paige. I do think the home visit was nice. A chance for the teacher to meet Paige properly in her own home and spend a bit of time with her where she is most comfortable.
Today we went for her second stay and play session and she loved it so much that she didn't want to leave. I liked being with her as she explored her new room and enjoyed all the different activities. I can't wait to see her grow and develop over the next year. For me one of the best parts of having a child is watching them learn, change and develop. Time passes by so quickly that a part of you never wants them to grow up but watching them is amazing.
I can't believe that she will be going into reception next year. I am so not ready for that, luckily I have a year to get my head around it. I also have a year to get into the school run routine and hopefully make some mummy friends so I'm not at school gate on my own, eeekkk!
How did/does your child like pre school?
Nicola Xx


  1. LP started preschool last September at the school she's starting next week. It really set her up for the school routine and got her used to the surroundings. I'm sure Paige will love it! x

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