Friday, 23 October 2015

16 Months Old

Its kinda crazy to think that Parker is now at the age that Paige was when I conceived him. He seems so little still whereas Paige seemed so big at 16 months.

He is coming on so much though. His speech is getting really good. This month he has learnt how to say doughnut, ok, touch, more and go. These all happened within a week or each other.

He still loves row your boat and now screams at the end, in a cute way. He will also randomally hold up both his arms and say 'yayyyy' so cute. He also roars when playing with his dinosaur. He loves playing with everything he shouldn't and is so very cheeky. He also loves kicking a ball and tries so hard to jump. Sometimes he clears the floor!

He hasn't had any new teeth this month but one has to be on the way. He always gets a horrible nappy rash when new teeth are about to cut. His eyes still look really brown sometimes and sometimes really green, they are defiantly darker than Paige's.

 Nicola Xx

1 comment:

  1. How on earth is he 16 months already!? Feels like he only turned 1 last week. Such a gorgeous boy! xx


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