Thursday, 29 October 2015

Debenhams Flowers Review

It isn't often that I get bought flowers. In fact I cant remember the last time but they are such a lovely gift to give. Debenhams have a great service that allows you to buy flowers from your sofa and get them delivered on a chosen day to a specific address. The perfect flower delivery service to send flowers to someone, especially if they live far away.

When Debenhams flowers got in touch asking if I wanted to review their service I thought why not. I deserve some autumn flowers to brighten up the kitchen. I picked the gorgeous Autumn Sun bouquet The flowers arrived on the chosen day. There wasn't a specific time slot, which may be trouble if you are getting them delivered a present and the person isn't able to wait in all day.

They arrived in a gorgeous box which kept them very well protected.

Arrival - The flowers were in good condition. They didn't seem effected by the delivery at al which is great. The roses didn't look as good as the rest. The ends of the petals seemed to be dying a little and were browning. I tried to remove the outer petals but it didn't help. It wasn't ever rose but a few.
Day 2 - Everything still looked perfect. Again the roses didn't look as fresh.
Day 4 - Same as day 2.
Day 6 - Around day 5 the sunflowers started to die. I had to throw them away early on day 6 and they looked a bit worse for wear by then.


The sunflowers were by far by favourite out of the flowers and they looked amazing. I am a little disappointed with the roses not being as fresh and if I had bought the flowers as a gift I would be a little upset but overall the service was wonderful and the flowers lasted well. Debenhams did offer to replace my flowers and the service was amazing.
Debenhams have very kindly offered my readers a discount code for 25% off. Use code DFBLOG25
This code will give you 25% off any bouquet apart from ones in the 'Flowers By Post' range.
There is also a lovely range of Christmas flowers and Christmas hampers available so check those out too.

Have you tried Debenhams flowers before?

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx

*Disclaimer - I as sent these flowers for the purpose of this review but all views are my own*


  1. I love it when sunflowers are included in a bouquet of flowers, makes them feel so much more bright and vibrant. Shame the roses weren't up to standard but great to hear that Debenhams offered to replace them for you! That's what customer service is all about! xxx

  2. Agree with "Vikki". A sunflower always add an extra charm to a bouquet whether it is wedding bouquet or any other. Love the Beautiful bouquet. Thanks for sharing.

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