Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Mummy and Me - October

This month I wanted to get a really nice picture of me, Paige and Parker. They seem to be very few and fair between at the moment. I think it's their ages to be honest. Paige insists on pulling the funniest faces and Parker just doesn't want to sit still.

This month has flown by. I can't believe that it's almost November. Paige is almost 3 and a half and Parker has just gone 16 months. Christmas is just around the corner and then the new year.

Paige has settled in so well at nursery and we are so proud of her. Parker enjoys his time with just me but still misses her so much. He's cutting two teeth so we've had a lot of grumpy moments from him which hasn't been fun.

We are all enjoying the little break from nursery and spending time together as a three, just like we used to do. S far we've coloured, played with play doh, built 500 towers and done a lot of chasing each other around the room. We are all starting to get ill (thanks nursery germs) but we can always snuggle on the sofa with a blanket :)


There's always one.... HAHA! We asked her to smile! Lol.

Nicola Xx

Nicola... Life Through My Eyes


  1. Lovely photos Nicola. Paige and Parker are getting so grown up! x

    1. Thank you. They are. Far too grown up for my liking x

  2. Lovely photos! It's nice to spend more time together with it being half term. I love Paige's hair!! She looks so grown up xx

  3. Awwww Nic!
    One of my favourite families EVER! Hate hate hate nursery germs, Hayden's is sick too but love that Paige is nearly 3 and a half. Hayden is only a month older then his BFF :)

    I will be linking up on Thursday :D Thanks for hosting hun

  4. How long is Paige's hair?! Gorgeous! Lovely photos x

  5. Paige's hair is just gorgeous Nic, can't believe how long it's got. Damn those nursery germs though, hope you're all feeling better soon xxx

  6. Awwww I love these photo's! Especially the last one. I agree Paige has the most beautiful hair, proper princess hair!

  7. Lovely photos! Agree with everyone Paige's hair is so beautiful! Getting photos with one is hard enough let alone two monkeys who don't want to sit still!xx

  8. Lovely photos, I think the last one has to be my favourite! Parker has the sweetest smile, and I'm definitely jealous of Paige's hair haha xx


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