Friday, 16 October 2015

Octonauts Gup-I Tranforming Polar Vehicle Review

Paige was sent the Octonauts Gup-I Playset to review. She loves watching Octonauts on tv so I knew she would love it.

The set up was really easy, all we had to do was clip the front on and we were good to go. The Gup-I transforms into three different modes for even more playing fun. There is water bear mode, scout mode and command center. The really great thing is that the toy knows water bear and scout mode and once you transform it into these different modes it will say the mode its in along with some sound effect which are pretty cool. It also comes with a snowball launcher, a snowprowler, Kwazii, a satellite and a weddell seal. These are great little extras to bring the toy to life.


To change from the different modes it is really easy. In Water Bear Mode, the Gup-I is in a horizontal position allowing its long legs to extend into “snow stilts”. In Scout Mode, the Gup-I sits upright, giving the team the perfect view to scan and spot creatures from afar. In Command Center Mode, the Gup-I opens to reveal everything the Octonauts need for their rescues. The Gup-I also makes lots of different sounds by pulling the antennae down. The legs lock into position to help the Gup-I stand up. It also has wheels on the bottom of the legs so your child can push it around, Parker loves this!

Paige loves playing with this toy and also enjoys picking it up and taking it places. Its lovely to get them to use their imagination and rescue the seal and other toys they have. We've had as lot of teddies in danger!

There are a whole range of Octonauts Toys, I'm sure your child will find something they love. The Gup-I was a huge hit here.

Nicola Xx

*Disclaimer - We were sent this item for the purpose of this review but all views and opinions are my own*


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