Monday, 5 October 2015

Paige's OOTD - Casual Sunday

When Paige was younger I used to do outfit posts quite regularly so I thought I would start again. I always love seeing where other parents buy their children's clothes from and I love seeing kids posing in them.

This weekend we had a pretty lazy, family weekend at home. We chilled out, made buns and watched films for the most part. On Sunday Paige wanted to pick her own clothes out so I let. Normally she picks her clothes out for pre school but I like to dress her a little nicer at the weekend but seeing as we didn't do much I thought it would be nice to let her pick from her weekend clothes.

She is really into pink items at the moment so of course chose this Minnie Mouse hoody from George Asda which was a present from Daddy last week. She paired with it some lovely light blue jeans from Primark. They are super soft and really comfy which is lovely for kids. They were a bargain at around £7. 

Her hair is in pigtail plaits or Anna hair as she calls it, thanks Frozen!


Do you let your children pick out their own clothes?

Nicola Xx


  1. Those photos are just adorable! Loving the Minnie mouse hoody! :) My girls would love it xxx

  2. She's so pretty Nicola!! I can't believe how long her hair is, she has princess hair :) Amelia's always choosing her own clothes which I hate haha! xx


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