Monday, 26 October 2015

Pink Lining Penguin Love Yummy Mummy Review

As a Pink Lining ambassador I get to review their gorgeous bag. For my first I picked the super cute Yummy Mummy Penguin Love bag. I picked this on because I've never tried as yummy mummy bag before. It is their signature bag so I had to try it! I decided to pick the penguin love theme as it is super cute. Its also one of the newest designs so I had to give it a try.
This bag is beyond gorgeous. It is so cute. People always comment on it and I love it. The penguin love design is just lovely. The penguins are nice and because one of the main colours is grey the bag doesn't overwhelm you. I also love the yummy mummy design. The exterior pockets are lovely. There is the cupcake pocket and then two side pockets with have elastic near the top, perfect for bottles. I usually have the kids water bottles in there. Really easy access and super convenient. The same goes for the cupcake pocket. I tend to keep my phone in there, It has a magnetic closing so it a little more secure than the other pockets but still really easy to access.
The inside is their signature bright pink which is gorgeous. I love the little pop of colour it gives. There are so many pockets inside. There's plenty of space for everything. I use this bag for me, Paige and Parker. I can carry nappies, wipes, two changes of clothes (one of each child), my purse and my planner plus little extras (snacks, lip balm, crayons, small colouring book).

The inside has two insulated bottle pockets. I don't use these for milk anymore but they just double up as a normal pocket. On the other side there are two elasticated pockets, perfect for nappies or anything really. There is also the small zip pocket which is great for mummy things. Theres also a pen loop, key fob and a mirror.
The bag comes with the hanging mat and zip lock bag. These are really lovely quality and great additions. The material is also really tough and easy to clean. I just wipe mine with a damp cloth and it comes up like new.
The straps are great. There are two small handles which can be carried in your arm, on your shoulder or in your hand. The longer strap is great for using over the pushchair (I tend to do this most of the time). You can also remove the longer strap if you don't want it on. 

Overall I really love the bag. The design is perfect for winter and the yummy mummy style is spot on. The bag is really well made and lovely to carry.

Have you tried a pink lining bag before?

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Nicola Xx

*Disclaimer - I was sent this bag as part of the ambassador programme but all views and opinions are my own*


  1. You cannot beat the Yummy Mummy bag and that print is just gorgeous! x

  2. Oh Nicola!
    This is adorable - We not use a rucksack, its just more practical for us.
    I know for a fact I will be getting one of these next year or something similar. Ive noticed Pink Lining come out with beautiful prints every season.
    Thanks for sharing lovely, gorgeous photos
    Charlotte x

    1. Thanks sweetie. They come out with gorgeous patterns, I love them all xx

  3. Gorgeous photos Nic, this design is the sweetest! (I think we should suggest a panda print for next season though!) You can't go wrong with a yummy mummy bag, still using mine 3 years down the line. xxx

  4. i'm a huge fan of the yummy mummy bag! The penguin print looks great on it! x

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