Thursday, 8 October 2015

Settling In

Paige has attended her pre school for a few weeks now. I wanted to do a little update to say how she is settling in.

The first couple of weeks were tough, on me. The first week Paige cried every time I took her and had to drop her off. Not like huge screams, more sobbing because she didn't want me to leave. The second week she got a little better. The tears stopped but she still kicked up a bit of a fuss about going in by herself. All this time she'd always say that she was so excited to go but each day we'd have the same fuss about me leaving, the first few steps before going on were always when it started. She just needed time. Towards the end of that second week and from then on she is so much better. She just says bye and walks in with a huge smile on her face. I think she started to realise that it's actually quite fun to not have me there and that each afternoon I'm there to pick her up. She gets to play loads of children her age, draw, paint and play outside.

She looks forward to going so much so that on weekends she gets upset when we tell her it's her day off.

She has made a few little friends which is so lovely. I've made friends with some mums which again is lovely. I feel like a real mum, not that I didn't before but I'd always looked forward to having to do a school run and chatting to the mums. We are all loving it and we are so happy with the pre school.

As you can see from the pictures she doesn't have to wear a uniform yet and I'm so excited to see her in one next one. She is going to look so cute!
Speaking of school I recently applied for primary school for Paige. I applied as soon as I could. We've applied for her to go to the school next to her pre school so fingers crossed she gets in. We don't find out until April so we have a long wait in store but I'm sure it will fly by. Apart of me can't even believe that is almost 3 and a half. 

 How is your child settling in?

Nicola Xx


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