Thursday, 15 October 2015

Siblings - October

As the months pass the age gape between Paige and Parker seems to get smaller. Of course he is still so much smaller than she is but they can play together so well that it isn't that noticeable until Parker tries to talk. He will sit and listen to Paige talking all day long. He also love sit when she sings to him. He also likes to sing too, his favourite is baa baa black sheep and row the boat. It isn't proper words most of the time for Parker but you can clearly make out the tune. He's also really into books at the moment so Paige will often sit with him and they will read (look at) books together.

Again this month ive found it super hard to take picture of them both. I feel like our month has being taken up by the school run. I love the routine of it but its a huge chunk of out day eaten up. Our hours together are taken up with normal everyday things, dinner, tea, bath time, bed time. The kids don't want to spend time posing when they could be playing together. One of these days I will get a nice picture of them two with my big camera, just like when Parker was little but for now quick iPhone snaps will have to do.

I love these two little pictures. They were taken on our weekly shop. Paige doesn't normally sit in the trolley and she does weigh more than the guide weight, don't tell anyone. But sometimes you just need to whizz around quickly and this was one of those times. We just had to stop and try on ear muffs though. Paige wanted them on at first and then Parker just had to have some too because he always wants what Paige has.

Nicola Xx

dear beautiful


  1. Love the two photos of Paige and Parker in the trolley - they have such gorgeous smiles and look like they are having a lot of fun trying on those ear muffs. It is lovely how the age gap seems to diminish as they both get bigger and more able to play together and they look like they share a lovely bond :-)

  2. Awwww these are the cutest photos- look at their cheeky little grins. It is so lovely how close they are. x

  3. Cute photos of them together. Love it when the youngest tries to copy the older ones!

  4. They just look so content together, a happy little pair! Have a wonderful weekend lovely x

  5. Aww those are such cute photos - definitely conspiratorial grins!!


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