Monday, 23 November 2015

A Make Up Masterclass

Today I have a slightly different post for you all. If you remember a couple of months ago I did a post for Cetraben. As a baby Paige had quite bad eczema and I like to try and provide as much helpful information as possible because I know that I searched the internet looking for tips and tricks to help her. Her eczema has recently flared up as the weather has gotten colder o we are currently getting it under control again.
Recently Cetraben have joined forces with Jenni, who is a professional make up artist. She teaches a little make up master class to try help you if you have eczema prone skin. Of course Paige doesn't wear make up but I do and my skin can be very sensitive and dry in the winter. 

The winter can be very harsh on our skin and its even more important than ever to look after it properly whether you have eczema or not. For more information please do check out the Cetraben website. It has some really lovely, helpful information.

Do you suffer from eczema?

Nicola Xx

*In collaboration with Cetraben*

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  1. Never heard of Cetraben, think I need to take a look at it as I think Harry may be getting some eczema on his face x


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