Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Boys will be boys

Christmas is coming and as boys will be boys they will almost certainly be into Superheroes, these can range from Spiderman to Batman and countless others. Girls may also be into this genre and it’s important not to over generalise. This modern superhero franchise is one which has re-invigorated older characters and put them all together in the Avengers formula. Iron Man, The Hulk and Captain America are long established characters in their own right. 

Surely most adults remember The Hulk from their childhood and can probably empathise with the rage which turns the Hulk from a mild mannered chap into a raving looney! Most of us experience this when either in the supermarket at a self-service checkout or when on the road. With a TV series and film in the 1980’s the Hulk has updated himself to become part of the Avengers entourage.

Captain America himself has been around since the 1960’s and has been kickin’ ass since The Beatles were producing the hits. Originally Mr America featured in a cartoon which shared the ‘Booms’ and ‘Smacks’ with Batman. Batman also featured tight fitting pants, slightly hammy production and a floor which was never quite flat – the innocent charm of these superheroes has been lost in chaos of the latest Avengers franchises but they have been brought to today’s audience. 

If your children (or partner) is really into it you might view it as a crude cash in on some of the largest superheroes characters out there. If you manage to secure a bit of you time you could be forgiven for thinking forget The Avengers, play Thunderstruck instead at Lucky Nugget. At this site you can win prizes and games in real life and receive a £1000 welcome bonus. You might well enjoy this game momentarily as you will soon return to parenthood and running the house.

Maybe you wish to get some jobs done in the house so why not fully satisfy their Avengers craving and put the 2012 film on. Earlier this year the sequel ‘Age of Ultron’ was released and largely picked up where the first film left off – namely loads of superheroes and several large explosions. The film is now on DVD and Blu-Ray and several toys have been released to co-exist alongside the film. The decision you have is whether to let the big kids play out their childhood fantasies and whether you decide to work or enjoy your free time in their absence.

*Author: Abigail Baker*

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