Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Paige is 3 and a half

My baby girl is 3 and a half years old. She seems so much older than 3 and looks older too, at least to me. Her hair is so long, even after cutting 2 inches off. Her eyes are greeny/brown, I guess hazel. I think she is evening out height and weight wise now, although she's still quite tall. She wears age 4-5 clothes and they fit really well. She weighs around 38 pounds. She's just quite a big build, she's chunkier and wider than other girls her age but isn't over weight by any means.
She is now at nursery every morning and loves it. She is doing so well and is coming along really well. Her speech has improved a lot. She talks non stop. Her words aren't always the clearest but no one is worried. She seems to progress each week. I find it funny looking back on videos of her at two years old and wonder how we ever understood her.
She can now write her name and will copy pretty much any word you write. She can zip up her coat and get her shoes on the right feet, for the most part. She is a size 8 now.
She loves to sing and loves Little Mix. She loves her dolls and playing mummy. She loves making her toys talk and make believe. Her memory is really good and she can tell us almost word for word two whole books. She is starting to draw shapes and learning about time. She can use a childs knife to cut food. She can hop, jump and run all day long. She also loves to dance and is so strong. She can hold her own bod weight for quite a long time. I keep saying we should get her in a gymnastics class as I think she would love it. She is always on the go but will snuggle and watch a film if shes in the mood.


She is such a lovely little girl. So loving and so kind. She loves her brother to death and I think she'd be lost without him. She knows her mind though and sulks when she doesn't get her way. We introduced the naughty corner but she's only had to go in it twice. She's actually put Mark in there once for not watching tv, haha. She's so funny. She is a really good girl.

She eats well for the most part and normally sleeps well. She's recently had a bit of trouble sleeping and will wake twice a night but she normally goes straight back to sleep.

She is a joy to be around and we are so proud of her.

I can't believe she is 3 and a half!!!

Nicola Xx


  1. She sounds so grown up! And looks it too! Time goes too fast, we need to cherish every moment so much x

  2. She is so beautiful Nic and is looking far too grown up these days. Can't get over how long her hair is either. Great that she's enjoying being at nursery every morning, it really does bring out the best in them! xxx


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