Sunday, 15 November 2015

Siblings - November

Getting this months photos was fun... NOT! Parker is at that age where he hates having his picture taken. As soon as he sees my phone he will pull a face and run away. He absolutely hates it. So getting a picture of them both together was bound to be a nightmare.

Thankfully he doesn't yet hate my Instax Mini 8 so this months pictures are a picture of pictures. He will sit and pose for a while and I managed to get quite a few cute shots of them both. Something even better is that because of how I took them they are already a physical picture. A bit of a shame I can't blow them up bigger but at least we have them.

This past month has been hard work. Paige isn't sleeping too well and Parker is cutting teeth. There relationship has blossomed though. They are so loving towards each other, always sharing and for the most part play really nicely. Of course they have their moments but 99% of the time they are so sweet

I am so glad that they gave each other and are the best of friends. Parker is talking more and more and Paige loves it. I can't wait until they can have proper little convocations.

They make me so proud each and every day. I could sit and watch them for hours.

Nicola Xx
dear beautiful


  1. Teething babies is complete hell. I hope Parker gets his teeth through soon. I love this month's photo :) Such a cute idea x

  2. Ahhhh this is gorgeous!!! The Instax photos are so cute and so nice to have physical photos for a change, I`m terrible at ever printing any off so its rare we have any!! xx

  3. Hope next month is a bit easier for you lovely. And I love the polaroid idea- so cute! x

  4. Cute photos! Lovely to hear about their relationship. I hope the teething and sleeping gets better. #Siblings

  5. I like this idea and the way you've shared their photos. I hope next month is better for you. xx

  6. I know you've had a tough month, but it's lovely to hear their relationship is blossoming regardless! Hope next month is a little easier for you! xxx


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