Thursday, 12 November 2015

Sleeping Through The Night

I feel like when you become a mum everyone focuses on your baby and sleep. In the early days sleep is a big thing. It can be quite hard to adjust to waking up multiple times a night to feed your baby. Some babies sleep through within a few weeks, some within a few months and others take a year or two. All are perfectly normal and all are very common.

So much focus is put on your childs sleep right from the start. I personally think its a bit crazy. So what if your 2 month old isn't sleep through... imagine all the extra snuggles you are getting. Parker didn't sleep through regularly until he was 1 year old. I have so many memories of us cuddling at 2/3am when the rest of the house was silent. I cherish those memories so much. Yes its exhausting, frustrating and really hard at times but it doesn't last forever. It shall pass. There will come a time when you are wishing for your child to need you that much again.

It just so happens that Paige needs us again in the middle of the night. The past 3 weeks she has woken up at least twice a night. She is almost 3 and a half. Is it exhausting? Yes. But I am thankful that she can wake us up and that she feels comfort in us been with her. There will be a day when she doesn't need us anymore.

We've tried everything. She has a solid night time routine, a night light, a teddy. We keep her door open which helps a little. We've just recently introduced a sticker chart. She gets a sticker for every night she stays in her own bed all the way through. This has helped the last few nights although she's still woken and shouted for us but its a start.

A few of her class mates have recently gone through the same. I wonder if its an age related thing? How is your 3.5 year old sleeping?

Nicola Xx


  1. Funny you say this - Oliver has been going through something similar on and off since 3.5 (he's now just 4), he'll go for nights without getting up at all and then get up at least once (occasionally more) for a few nights.... often it's toilet related and he goes straight back to bed but sometimes he just seems to wake and want to see us, usually pretty easy to get back into bed... although sometimes he struggles for a while to go back to sleep once he's awake and i hear him singing in his bed haha! As you say, they won't need us forever :'-( xxx

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